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    Donna Viverette

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    Action Step

    TODAY is your first SMOKE-FREE DAY!
    Whether it's for one day or for a lifetime, have some fun, today! Celebrate being smoke-free by doing something you enjoy, makes you laugh or is just plain silly.

    • If you have a support person helping you stick to your commitment, make contact and let that person know how it’s going and what support you need for the day. Review your reasons for quitting and use your resources!
    • Plan what you will do for days 2 to 4. If you are not using nicotine replacement, withdrawal symptoms may be tougher during these days, so you may want to shore up your resources and plans for getting through challenges.
    • Remember, withdrawal is the body’s natural process for recovering from nicotine addiction. Your body takes several days to expel tobacco’s nicotine and its by-products and return to normal functioning.
    • Your body has to go through this process to break its dependence on nicotine. The more you can do to support your body’s healing process, the better. If you are using nicotine replacement therapy now, you will eventually taper off and your body will make the same adjustments, typically with minor symptoms of withdrawal.


    Resources for Quitting

    Did you know that after only 20 minutes, your body begins to recover from nicotine’s effects? For a web-based resource that highlights the short- and long-term benefits to your health, visit the American Lung Association website. View exit disclaimer policy page for links to third-party websites.

    Gaining Insight

    As one successful ex-smoker said, “Sure, there were some tough times. It was a hard two or three months. There was a lot of anguish and a deep sense of loss. But there was a lot of richness and excitement, too, a lot of laughter and a tremendous feeling of rightness and relief. There was an amazing sense of being reborn, of being given a second chance.”

    What will you be saying a month from now, six months from now, a year from now? Begin shaping the story you will tell about your own triumph over tobacco.

    • Look for what works and pay attention to what doesn’t, but keep moving forward. Soon, your vision of your future as a person free from smoking will be your reality.
    • Some final thoughts:
      • Dr. Norman Vincent Peale was right when he said, “When faced with life's hurdles, throw your heart over the bar and your body and mind will follow.”
      • And from the 2002 movie, Kate and Leopold, “The brave are simply those with the clearest vision of what is before them.”



    Last Updated: 4-24-2013