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  • Seven Days Before Quit Date


    Action Step

    Take at least one break that doesn't include smoking today.

    • Try walking briskly for 10 to 15 minutes, doing some stretches and deep breathing, or anything else that is healthy and keeps you from smoking during the break.
    • Building in these activities while you are still smoking will help you transition when you quit. Think of it as having a “tool box” of resources you can use instead of smoking. You want to find the tools you’ll really use and get yourself familiar with using them before your first day as a nonsmoker.


    Resources for Quitting

    • Visit Colorado’s free Internet resource, Colorado QuitLine, View exit disclaimer policy page for links to third-party websites. for people who want to quit smoking.
    • You may want to call the QuitLine, a free phone coaching resource staffed by experts in tobacco cessation, at 800-QUIT-NOW.


    Gaining Insight

    • Make a list of the benefits of not smoking; use the answer to the miracle question for the eighth day before quit date, "Gaining Insights," to help you do this.
    • Don’t forget about all the things you can do more freely as someone who doesn’t smoke.
    • Keep this list with you throughout the day and add to it. For bonus points, share your list with someone who cares about you and be open to their feedback.



    Last Updated: 4-24-2013