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  • Two Days Before Quit Date


    Action Step

    Plan for your last cigarette and eliminate tobacco materials, and other cues to smoke, from your environment.

    • Think about when you want to smoke your last cigarette and what atmosphere you want to create for that final smoke.
    • Most people find that clearing old tobacco materials (butts, lighters, stale packs, etc.) and eliminating all the cigarettes, except for those you’ll smoke between today and when you quit, can be helpful. You may also want to clean things that carry a residual smell of tobacco - maybe schedule a curtain, carpet or upholstery cleaning or have your teeth cleaned and get a facial.


    Resources for Quitting

    Have you found someone to be a support for you around quitting? In addition to the people you work with, there may be others who’d love to support you. If you’d like some “online” encouragement, there are websites and chat rooms where encouragement is shared.

    Gaining Insight

    • The money, relationships and years of life saved by quitting are immeasurable. Also hard to measure is the impact quitting has on the personal experience of well-being that many people attain.
    • Successful quitters are much more likely to come to some important realizations about themselves and have a great deal of energy and attention available to give to other important areas of their lives once they’ve quit.
    • In short, quitting may be the beginning of a new and positive life-experience. A Vision Collage is an exercise to explore the possibilities of this:
      • Create a collage using pictures or images cut from magazines.
      • The theme of the collage is “who you are and what your life is about” as a person free from smoking.
      • You can create a vision for yourself and then select pictures consistent with the vision, or select pictures that attract you.
      • After assembling them into the collage, see what the whole picture tells you about your vision for yourself.
      • A variation of this is to create a collage depicting who you were as a person who smokes and compare it to the new vision of you.



    Last Updated: 4-24-2013