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  • Team Up For Food Safety (TUFFS)

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    Team Up For Food Safety is a cooperative program with the goal of forming a relationship between retail food establishments in Jefferson and Gilpin Counties and Jefferson County Public Health to promote excellent food safety practices and give recognition to facilities that value food safety.  The program is voluntary, but it requires that a facility meet all of the criteria listed below to qualify for the program. Current List of TUFFS Members.

    The initiative is designed to recognize restaurants and other retail food establishments for their exceptional attention to food safety practices. Any food service establishment in Jefferson and Gilpin Counties that meet designated criteria which promote excellent food safety may voluntarily apply to be a member of TUFFS. “Food establishments that consistently demonstrate a commitment to safe food handling and preparation are essential to our goal of reducing the incidence of food-borne illness," says Carla Opp, Food Safety Specialist. “We want to recognize the staff and the management of these establishments for their prevention efforts through the TUFFS initiative.”

    The TUFFS initiative is also intended to help build collaborative, effective partnerships between regulators and the food industry while at the same time, reducing risk factors that cause or contribute to foodborne illness.

    JCPH is also asking customers and consumers to help encourage exceptional food safety practices by supporting businesses that participate in TUFFS. Customers may locate the TUFFS logo on the window or door of participating restaurants. Posting of the TUFFS logo is an indication that the food service establishment is actively engaged in taking control of food safety factors and taking necessary actions toward reducing foodborne illness in Jefferson County.


    The establishment must meet all the requirements outlined in the application and listed below:

    1. Establishment shall have been in operation for no less than 12 months, or have a minimum of two regular inspections.
    2. No more than:
      1. 2 critical violations cited during a routine inspection.
      2. 4 non-critical violations cited during a routine inspection.
    3. No confirmed foodborne illnesses at establishment for the previous 12 months.
    4. The establishment can not be in the civil penalty process or have a civil penalty issued 12 months prior to application.
    5. Establishments’ managerial staff must take an active roll in monitoring kitchen operations and personnel.
    6. The establishment management and/or staff must attend formal food safety training. The curriculum must be recognized by JCPH.
    7. A representative of the establishment must attend at least one Food Safety Forum meeting in a calendar year.   


    Current TUFFS Members 

    • Applewood Gas Express - 1995 Youngfield St, Golden
    • Brother’s BBQ VI - 105 Wadsworth Blvd, Lakewood
    • Buffalo Wild Wings - 415 S Wadsworth Blvd, Lakewood
    • Casa Bonita- 6715 W Colfax, Lakewood
    • Covenant Village - 9221 Wadsworth Parkway, Westminster
    • Domino’s Pizza - 7208 W Colfax Ave, Lakewood
    • The Egg and I - 12325 W 64th, Arvada
    • El Senor Sol- 29017 Hotel Way, Evergreen
    • El Senor Sol- 6380 McIntyre Pkwy, Arvada
    • Everitt Middle School - 3900 Kipling St, Wheat Ridge
    • Green Mnt. Elementary - 12250 W Kentucky Drive, Lakewood
    • Hutchinson Elementary - 12900 W Utah Ave, Lakewood
    • Illegal Burger- 29017 Hotel Way, Evergreen
    • Illegal Burger - 15400 W 64th Ave, Arvada
    • Isle of Capri Casino - 340 Main Street, Black Hawk
    • Jason's Deli - 204 Union Blvd, Lakewood
    • JFE #85- 15200 W 64th Ave, Arvada
    • Jus Cookin - 840 Tabor St., Lakewood
    • King Soopers #22 - 9731 W 58th Ave., Arvada
    • King Soopers #85- 15200 W 64th Ave, Arvada
    • Kokoro Restaurant- 5535 Wadsworth Bypass, Arvada
    • La Quinta - 3301 Youngfield Svc Rd, Golden
    • Lady Luck Casino - 340 Main St., Black Hawk
    • Lasley Elementary - 1401 S Kendall St, Lakewood
    • Los 3 Garcias - 25567 Conifer Rd., Conifer
    • Leawood Elementary - 6155 W Leawood Dr, Littleton
    • The Lodge Casino – 240 Main St, Black Hawk
    • McDonald’s #7299 - 6801 W Alameda Ave, Lakewood
    • McDonald’s #30883 - 7455 W Colfax Ave, Lakewood
    • Moose Hill Cantina - 11911 W Colfax Ave, Lakewood
    • Mt. Carbon Elementary - 12776 W Cross Ave, Littleton
    • O'Connell Middle School - 1275 South Teller Street, Lakewood
    • Qdoba Mexican Grill - 25597 Conifer Rd, Conifer
    • Red Lobster - 4455 Wadsworth Blvd.
    • Red Rocks Elementary - 17199 Highway 74, Morrison
    • Smash Burger - 7740 W Alameda Ave, Lakewood
    • Smiling Moose Deli - 5324 Wadsworth Blvd., Arvada
    • Sobesky Academy - 2001 Hoyt St, Lakewood
    • Starbuck’s - 26274 Conifer Town Center Dr, Conifer
    • Stein Elementary - 80 South Teller Street, Lakewood
    • Vivian Elementary - 10500 W 25th Ave, Lakewood  
    • Walmart #5049 - 13420 Coal Mine Ave, Littleton
    • West 29th Restaurant & Bar- 5560 W 29th Ave, Wheat Ridge
    • Westgate Elementary - 8550 West Vassar Drive, Lakewood