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  • Healthy Environments - Inspections and Assessments

    Solid Waste (Landfills)

    There are three solid waste facilities operating under a Certificate of Designation (CD) in Jefferson County. The CD is issued by the Board of County Commissioners (BCC) by resolution through a public hearing process. The three facilities are:

    • A-1 Organics, a composting facility.
    • BFI Foothills Landfill, a municipal solid waste landfill and a RCRA Subtitle D landfill which does not accept hazardous waste for disposal at this site.
    • Denver Water, a alum sludge drying facility for water treatment plant residuals.


    Inspections are conducted periodically by the Public Health Department to ensure that the facilities are operating in full compliance with all the applicable rules and regulations.


    The Public Health Department reviews special waste approval requests submitted by BFI to ensure that no hazardous waste is disposed of at the BFI Foothills facility.


    Quarterly ground water monitoring is conducted at the BFI Foothills Landfill.
    The inspections and ground water monitoring are conducted to ensure that the operation of these facilities does not pose a threat to human health and the environment.

    Last Updated: 3-22-2013