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    Board of Health to Consider Adoption of New Onsite Wastewater Treatment (Septic) System Regulation

    Board of Health to Consider Adoption of New Onsite Wastewater Treatment (Septic) System Regulation

    Jefferson County, Colorado— The Jefferson County Board of Health will consider the adoption of the proposed onsite wastewater treatment system regulation at its regular monthly meeting on April 15, 2014, at 8:00 a.m. in Hearing Room 2 at the Jefferson County Courts and Administration Building, 100 Jefferson County Parkway in Golden.

    “This has been a long and involved process and we are now ready to proceed to the final step: the adoption of the proposed regulations,” said Bonnie McNulty, Board of Health President. McNulty noted that the revision timeline began back in October 2013, when initial meetings were held with industry practitioners to discuss the proposed changes and solicit comments. Once a preliminary draft was prepared, this was formally presented to the public during a meeting at Conifer High School on January 25, 2014. More than forty members of the community and other interested parties attended, raising questions and offering comments. “We really listened to what folks had to say,” said McNulty, “and based on their testimony and suggestions, several proposed requirements were either removed or amended to address those concerns.”

    Due to the scope of the changes the Board will revoke the current regulation and adopt an entirely new set that closely mirrors the new state regulation. Among the proposals are additional soil test requirements to ensure that engineering designs address site-specific conditions such as high groundwater and shallow bedrock. Higher level treatment systems, which reduce wastewater contaminants, will receive additional oversight to ensure that they are properly maintained and operating as designed to protect the groundwater resources. “Many of our mountain residents are impacted in one way or another by these regulations,” continued McNulty, “and to keep them workable and enforceable we needed and appreciated citizen input.”

    A summary of the proposed changes may be found on our web page. Hard copies are also available for review, contact Craig Sanders at 303 271-5759 or csanders@jeffco.us  for more information. The Board sincerely thanks the public for their active participation in this important decision-making process and welcomes both written and verbal testimony. If approved at the April 15th meeting, the Regulations will become effective on May 30, 2014.


    Craig Sanders
    EHS Water Quality Supervisor

    Nancy Braden
    PIO/Health Communications Manager

    March 21, 2014

    Last Updated: 3-21-2014