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    Healthy Gift Ideas from Public Health

    This year, give your friends and family the gift of health. Jefferson County Public Health has five healthy, fun and unique gift ideas for you to consider.

    • A Reusable Water Bottle: Not only will you be giving the gift of adequate hydration, you’ll save the receiver of the gift money and the world from further plastic bottle pollution! Any reusable water bottle is better than a plastic one that will be thrown away but, ideally, glass or stainless steel bottles are the best because they do not contain chemicals (such as BPA) that many plastic water bottles do. As plastic breaks down over time and loses its integrity, harmful chemicals from the plastic can be released into the water held in the bottle and can be unsafe to drink.
    • Jumping rope: Just 10 minutes of jump roping is a huge dose of aerobic exercise. This exercise makes you use your arms, your core stabilizer muscles, all the leg muscles, and it gets your heart rate up in that vigorous exercise range. Staying physically active and maintaining a healthy weight is a great way to keep healthy.
    • Electronic Toothbrush for Kids: When we make brushing teeth fun, kids tend to stay at it longer and brush more thoroughly. Today’s awesome technology combined with good oral hygiene provides the perfect oral health gift for children, an electric toothbrush. This fun gadget can make brushing teeth fun.
    • Yoga lessons for friends, family, neighbors and anyone else on your list: The science of Yoga has been used for centuries to enhance physical and emotional well-being. Yoga classes are a wonderful gift to encourage mind and body alignment and improve flexibility. “It’s also a great way to reduce the stresses of everyday life. Yoga helps make the body more flexible and helps you relax, yoga has something to offer for everyone,” says Elise Lubell, Director of JCPH’s Health Promotion and Lifestyle Management Division. Check with your local recreation center for affordable, beginner yoga classes.


    • A Health Cook Book: Whether you are cooking for just yourself or a larger group, planning meals is a good place to start improving your food choices. Taking the time to plan a healthy evening meal can help you avoid a less healthful “drive-through” dinner. There are many cookbook options available with healthy and easy to make recipes, as healthy eating is a major health focus and prevention strategy today. To make preparing health foods as easy as possible, choose a cook book with simple recipes involving as few ingredients as possible.

    Caring, Sharing, and Preparing this Holiday Season

    Most of us don’t have a preparedness kit, although all of us should have one. Tornadoes, earthquakes, wild fires, and other emergencies strike with little or no warning so an emergency preparedness kit might be the perfect gift for someone on your list this year. And, it just might save a life.

    The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has declared 45 major disasters and 16 emergencies this year alone. People from Alaska to Florida and everywhere in between have faced disasters, many with little or no warning. Help those you love by giving them the gift of preparedness.

    Being prepared for an emergency doesn’t have to cost anything either. It can start with a conversation. When the family is together, take a few minutes to talk about preparedness and share ways that everyone can stay safe and healthy during an emergency or natural disaster. For example, choose a meeting place, or discuss especially how everyone will get in touch if an emergency hits. Whether you’re thinking of buying something for a loved one’s preparedness kit or just talking with them about how they could be better prepared, check out some tips from CDC and the Red Cross that will help you stock a preparedness kit, make a plan and stay informed. Or check out thebReddi and other preparedness apps on Facebook.

    At Jefferson County Public Health, Our Emergency Preparedness and Response staff is here to serve the public health needs of the community before, during and after an event. Emergency Preparedness involves the resources of public health, emergency response teams, law enforcement, community members and our dedicated volunteers. The Jefferson County Public Health Emergency Preparedness and Response website is your resource for information, planning and response needs.

    Tony Aaron Fuller
    JCPH Health Communications

    December 7, 2016

    Last Updated: 12-7-2016