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  • Tips for Increasing Your Daily Activity


    Move More

    Regular physical activity is important to stay healthy. Developing opportunities for adults and children to be active can directly affect the obesity epidemic.

    Lifestyle changes that can be made a regular part of everyday activities include:

    • Walk whenever you can:
      • Walk around the house or up and down the stairs during commercials or when talking on the phone.
      • Challenge family members to see who can log the most steps in a week, using a pedometer.
      • Reward family members for achieving step goals.
      • Start a walking club with friends, family members or neighbors.
      • Don't use the remote control. Instead, walk to the television to change the channel.
      • Walk the dog.
    • Move around the house at least once every 30 minutes.
    • Try to take half of your goal steps by noon.
    • Plan walks into the day, for example, with a friend at the beginning of the day or with family members after dinner.
    • Plan active weekends, long walks, scenic hikes, playing in the park.
    • Take a walk and pick up litter in the neighborhood.
    • Walk to a neighbor or friend's house instead of calling or emailing.


    On the Town

    • Avoid drive-thru restaurants. Instead, walk inside a restaurant.
    • Plan active weekend getaways or vacations.
    • Go hiking.
    • Take the stairs instead of elevators and escalators.
    • Walk for trips less than one mile. Leave the car at home.
    • Park farther away in store parking lots.
    • Return grocery carts to the store.
    • Walk at the airport while waiting for the plane.
    • Take several trips to unload groceries from the car.


    At Work

    • Get off the bus earlier and walk farther to work.
    • Take several 10-minute walks during the day.
    • Choose the farthest entrance to the building, then walk the long way to your office.
    • Host "walking" meetings.
    • Walk to a restroom, water fountain or a copy machine on a different floor.
    • Take a longer route to a meeting.
    • Walk during breaks or go outside and walk around the block.
    • Walk to a colleague's office rather than calling or sending an email.
    • Take five-minute walking breaks from the computer.
    • Park farther away in the morning and when going to lunch.
    • Take the stairs rather than the elevator or the escalator.
    • Start a break-time walking club or "hall walking" program with co-workers.
    • Walk while using a speaker or cordless phone.
    • Get up and move at least once every 30 minutes.



    Last Updated: 4-24-2013