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  • Sexually Transmitted Diseases Quiz


    Print and take this true/false quiz to test your STD knowledge.

    1. You can get several sexually transmitted diseases at one time.
      _____TRUE _____FALSE
    2. Most sexually transmitted diseases can be treated and cured without medical attention.
      _____TRUE _____FALSE
    3. If the signs of a sexually transmitted disease go away, you are cured.
      _____TRUE _____FALSE
    4. If you use birth control pills, you can get a sexually transmitted disease.
      _____TRUE _____FALSE
    5. You always know when you have a sexually transmitted disease.
      _____TRUE _____FALSE
    6. People who get a sexually transmitted disease have a lot of sex partners.
      _____TRUE _____FALSE
    7. All types of sexually transmitted disease can be cured.
      _____TRUE _____FALSE
    8. Parental consent is needed before you are treated for a sexually transmitted disease if you are under 18 years of age.
      _____TRUE _____FALSE
    9. You can have no symptoms, yet be infected with a sexually transmitted disease and be able to pass it on to someone else.
      _____TRUE _____FALSE
    10. You can wash away a sexually transmitted disease.
      _____TRUE _____FALSE
    11. All genital infections are a result of sexual contact.
      _____TRUE _____FALSE
    12. You can get a sexually transmitted disease more than once.
      _____TRUE _____FALSE
    13. More than 15 million new cases of sexually transmitted diseases are diagnosed each year in the U.S.
      _____TRUE _____FALSE
    14. One in ten people in the United States have a sexually transmitted disease.
      _____TRUE _____FALSE


    See our STD Answers page to see how you did!