• Tobacco Free Jeffco


    Tobacco Free Jeffco comprises community members, coalitions, organizations and groups working to reduce tobacco’s toll in Jefferson County. The group meets on the first Wednesday of each quarter. For information about upcoming meetings, or to learn more about the work of Tobacco Free Jeffco, call 303-275-7555 or email at dviveret@jeffco.us

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    Tobacco/smoking related-diseases kill one in 10 adults globally. By 2030, if current trends continue, tobacco/smoking will kill one in six people - World Health Organization. View exit disclaimer policy page for links to third-party websites.

    Tobacco is the only legally available consumer product that kills people when it is used as intended - The Oxford Medical Companion, 1994.

    About Tobacco Free Jeffco

    Tobacco Free Jeffco members and partners work for sustainable solutions to the problems associated with tobacco use and secondhand smoke exposure within Jefferson County and the region. Tobacco Free Jeffco was formed from four coalition groups, including Citizens Against Unhealthy, Smoke-Filled Environments, in the summer of 2008. Members meet on a quarterly basis to tackle priority issues in tobacco control. Support for the function and structure of Tobacco Free Jeffco is provided by the Tobacco Prevention Initiative (TPI) of Jefferson County Public Health, a program funded by the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment’s State Tobacco Education and Prevention Partnership (STEPP) through Amendment 35 monies.

    Membership requires only that an individual, group or organization is concerned about the issue of tobacco and is willing to take action to support tobacco/smoke-free efforts, including:

    • raising awareness about the health, economic, social and environmental harm of tobacco use
    • educating people about the hazards of secondhand smoke and strategies to eliminate exposure
    • working to support social norms that limit the influence of tobacco companies and marketing tactics and support tobacco-free living
    • advocating for effective policies that help reduce tobacco use initiation and consumption and protect people from secondhand smoke exposure
    • supporting efforts to eliminate tobacco-related health disparities among vulnerable populations


    About our Members

    As a grassroots effort, we invite engagement and partnership from all community members, workers, organizations and business owners, community officials, etc., who wish to forward our aim of improving the health of our community through reducing the toll of tobacco use and secondhand smoke exposure. Representatives from local smoke-free community coalitions, Exempla Lutheran Medical Center, other health care organizations, Jefferson County Public Schools, youth coalitions and local business owners are some of the more than 300 current members. Dr. Walter (Snip) Young serves as chair and is supported by a steering committee made up of coalition and workgroup leaders and staff from Jefferson County Public Health.

    Getting Involved

    Tobacco Free Jeffco hosts quarterly meetings with its members, coalitions and workgroups. Each coalition engages in activities specific to a particular focus area in tobacco control. Individual members are given opportunities to participate in an array of activities to support the aims of Tobacco Free Jeffco. A quarterly e-newsletter, “The Tobacco Prevention Tribune” is an additional source of information that can be emailed or mailed to members to support them in getting current news and opportunities in tobacco control. Please visit the TobaccoFreeJeffco website. View exit disclaimer policy page for links to third-party websites.


    Last Updated: 1-14-2014