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  • Income Guidelines for the Women, Infants and Children Program


    To be financially eligible for the Woman, Infants and Children program in Colorado, a participant's combined family gross income cannot exceed 185 percent of the federal poverty standards.

    To see the income guidelines for WIC participants as of July 1, 2013, please view the guideline PDFAdobe PDF Icon

    To determine WIC income eligibility, use this method to manually calculate gross annual income:

    • If a household has only one income source, or if all income sources have the same frequency, compare the income, or the sum of the separate incomes, to the published IEGs for the appropriate frequency and household size.
    • If a household reports income sources at more than one frequency, perform the following calculations:
      • Annualize all income by multiplying weekly income by 52, income received every two weeks by 26, income received twice a month by 24, and income received monthly by 12.
      • Do not round the values resulting from each conversion.
      • Add all the unrounded, converted values.
      • Compare the total to the annual income for the appropriate household size for final income eligibility determination. 

    Last Updated: 8-8-2013