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    Vacancy on the Cultural Council

    Are you a civic-minded citizen looking for a way to volunteer for the county? If so, you may consider applying for the district three vacancy on the Jefferson County Cultural Council.

    The County Cultural Council is responsible for allocating Jefferson County's share of the Scientific & Cultural Facilities District (SCFD) Tier III funds to applying organizations. The tax-payer approved SCFD receives 1/10th of one percent sales tax collected in the seven-county metro area. Of that 1/10 of one percent, 13.5 percent goes to fund Tier III eligible organizations. The remaining amount goes to Tier I and Tier II groups. Each county is provided with the funds collected within that specific county for distribution.

    The Cultural Council meets every Wednesday evening from the last Wednesday in March through the second Wednesday in June. The council meets in Hearing Room 2 at the Administrative and Courts Facility, 100 Jefferson County Parkway in Golden. Members also attend a few other activities such as a retreat in September and presentations to the Board of County Commissioners each June and to the SCFD Board of Directors in late September.

    The time commitment to the council also includes reviewing up to 10 applications each week prior to the interviews on Wednesday evenings, from March through May. Council members average about 150 hours each year on council activities.

    The person right for the job is one that is interested in the cultural and scientific activities within the community. One who appreciates what these organizations offer to Jeffco citizens, but also someone who also has a mind for business and a good understanding of financial issues facing small businesses. The role as a member of the Cultural Council is not just to give away money, but to judge the viability of these organizations and choose to distribute monies in a way that is, first and foremost, beneficial to the citizens of Jefferson County.

    "I, personally, have found it tremendously rewarding. It was not what I had expected when I originally applied, and was a bit apprehensive of the amount of work and time that it takes. However, I have found it to be a very enjoyable endeavor and have discovered the enormous number of really high-quality activities and organizations within this community, that I never knew existed," stated Vice Chair Rob Johnson.

    Johnson also commented that, "I think volunteering for any board, council or activity that is outside your daily profession is a great thing to do for yourself. It broadens your perspective and engages you in your community. The people you meet, other council members and those who come before us representing applying groups, is very enjoyable and eye-opening."

    So if you think you are up for the challenge, apply today. Visit www.jeffco.us/bcc and click on the Boards & Commissions link on the left navigation.

    October 17, 2011

    Last Updated: 7-12-2013