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    Jefferson County Takes the AddONE Campaign to National Convention

    Commissioner Donald Rosier and local business leaders presented the AddONE initiative at the National Association of Workforce Boards (NAWB) Forum in Washington DC this week. AddONE (www.AddONE.org) is a collective impact initiative designed to generate jobs in Jefferson County by challenging business to hire one new employee. NAWB invited Commissioner Rosier to speak at the general session because Jefferson County was recognized as one of two pioneers for the national campaign called Just Add One (JustAddONE.net).

    During his presentation to more than 1,000 convention attendees, Commissioner Rosier stated, “While government does not create jobs, we have the ability, tools and resources to assist the business community in doing so. This is not another government program, but a way for our economic development agencies, workforce center and other community agencies to support employers in taking the risk to add to their payrolls.”

    A simple solution to a complex problem, AddONE contends that if just a portion of the business community hire one employee, the economic multiplier would be significant. In five months, the AddONE campaign in Jefferson County has attracted businesses to “pledge” over 800 jobs. For more information on the AddONE campaign, please contact (303) 271-4800.

    March 19, 2013

    Last Updated: 7-2-2013