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    Public Notice for the Justice Assistance Grant

    Justice Assistance Grant, Application 2014-H4089-CO-DJ

    Lakewood Police Department
    Disparate Allocation – Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office

    The Lakewood Police Department will be applying for a grant awarded by the Bureau of Justice Assistance (BJA), Office of Justice Programs. This grant is the Edward Byrne Memorial Justice Assistance Grant (JAG), Local Solicitation. This grant provides agencies with the flexibility to prioritize and place funds where they are needed the most.

    The Lakewood Police Department will be applying for the direct allocation portion of the local JAG program. This grant is based upon population and violent crime statistics. Lakewood is eligible to receive $86,969. Of this amount, $13,756 will be awarded to the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office as a disparate allocation.

    The police department proposes to use these funds to purchase additional Tasers and replace those Tasers that are of older technology.

    Lakewood Police Department has utilized and trained in the use of Taser technology since 2002. Since that time, the department has a limited number of Tasers that are issued to Agents at the beginning of their tour of duty.

    As the Taser has become more and more accepted as an alternative use of force in threatening situations, more Agents have been certified to carry the weapon and the “check-out system” no longer is a viable method for distribution. In addition, the opening of a Regional Transportation District (RTD) west light rail in the City requires extensive extra-duty employment and has caused a shortage of Tasers available for personnel on-duty at any given time. Therefore, the agency is moving forward to purchase each sworn Agent a Taser.

    The Critical Incident Response Unit of the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office includes the Office of Emergency Management (OEM) that oversees the Colorado LifeTrak Program (an ankle bracelet tracking system for citizens with brain trauma and Alzheimer’s disorders). Previous Byrne/JAG Formula funds supported this part-time position that is responsible for registering new clients, change batteries, and meet with schools, care centers and other facilities that care for people with disabilities. Additionally, this employee will assist the Emergency Management Department with community preparedness projects, safety fairs and working with local resource centers. Originally, this was designed as a volunteer position; however, it became difficult, if not impossible in the current economic climate to find the skilled volunteer who can fill this position with the required experience level.

    Since the inception of this position in late 2009, the Jeffco Colorado LifeTrak employee has cemented a solid track record to provide assistance in the county. Additionally, and equally important is that all tracking and client information is up to date and readily available should an emergency call out occur.

    The requirements of this year’s grant application are that all eligible units of local government applying for local JAG awards must make the grant application available for review to the governing body of the local government. In addition, the police department must provide assurance that the application or any future amendment was made public and an opportunity to comment is provided to the citizens of Lakewood and Jefferson County, and to neighborhood or community organizations to the extent applicable by law or established procedures make such an opportunity available.

    Therefore, anyone wishing to comment on this application may call Cathy Schultz, Police Administrative Coordinator, at 303-987-7371 prior to August 1, 2014.

    Cathy Schultz
    Lakewood Police Administrative Coordinator

    July 11, 2014

    Last Updated: 7-11-2014