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    Results Are In From Telephone Town Hall

    The Jefferson County Commissioners held a telephone town hall April 21 to ask residents whether the sale of medical and/or recreational marijuana should be allowed in the unincorporated areas of the county.

    The commissioners adopted a temporary moratorium on the sale of both medical and recreational marijuana in unincorporated Jeffco to allow time to study the impacts of the new state law, approved by Colorado voters in 2012 as Amendment 64 to the State Constitution. They also appointed a task force to study the issue.

    Cities in the county may choose to allow or prohibit the sale in their jurisdictions and the town of Edgewater currently allows marijuana businesses within its boundaries.

    Assisting the commissioners at the telephone town hall were Sheriff Ted Mink, District Attorney Pete Weir and Dr. Mark Johnson, director of Jefferson County Public Health.

    Recorded invitations were sent to 50,000 randomly selected phone numbers in unincorporated Jeffco. A total of 7,520 residents listened in on a portion of the telephone meeting, and 29 questions and comments were taken during the one-hour live meeting. Anyone whose questions were not answered live, and chose to leave a message, will receive follow-up calls.

    The majority of participants were not in favor of allowing sales of either recreational or medical marijuana.

    Several polling questions were asked and the results showed:

    • 62 percent did not want medical marijuana sales in unincorporated Jeffco
    • 72 percent didn’t want recreational sales allowed
    • 67 percent did not want commercial grow operations
    • 74 percent felt medical and recreational sales would harm the lives of Jeffco residents
    • 81 percent said they would not shop for medical or recreational marijuana if sales were allowed in unincorporated Jeffco
    • 73 percent would like the county commissioners to ask residents to vote this coming November on whether to allow the sale of recreational and/or medical marijuana in unincorporated Jeffco


    For more details about the polling results, the questions asked at the meeting or to download and listen to the audio recording, visit www.jeffco.us/townhall.

    April 24, 2014

    Last Updated: 5-30-2014