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  • Jefferson County Public Trustee’s Office


    The Jefferson County Public Trustee's office provides services relating to real estate foreclosures and releases of deeds of trust. The Public Trustee also acts as escrow agent for collection of property taxes under a contract for deed or designates an alternate agent within the county.

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    How to bid at a foreclosure sale
    How to release a deed of trust

    The Public Trustee has used all reasonable efforts to ensure that the pages and other information on this website do not contain any inaccurate or out-of-date information; however, we can make no guarantee or warranties as to the accuracy or the timeliness of the data. If you believe any material contained in this webpage is inaccurate, please call 303-271-8580

    Other websites not affiliated with the Jefferson County Public Trustee’s office that are advertising foreclosure sales may contain inaccurate or out of date information.

    Foreclosure documents are public records and are recorded with the Clerk and Recorder. Even though you may have cured your default or the foreclosure action has otherwise been withdrawn, the records remain permanently available to the public for viewing.

  • Public Trustee News

    • Colorado Court of Appeals case involving a dispute regarding the foreclosure and redemption processes in Colorado
      On appeal, Mortgage Investments argued that the district court erred in concluding that Oakwood had no duty to accept tender of payment in satisfaction of its liens. Prior to the start of Oakwood’s period to redeem and before it tendered redemption funds, Oakwood had a duty to accept Mortgage Investments’ tender of payment, on behalf of the debtor, in satisfaction of the lien Oakwood sought to redeem. The district court’s judgment was reversed and the case was remanded with directions to enter summary judgment in favor of Mortgage Investments.
    • Decision from the Colorado Supreme Court
      Decision from the Colorado Supreme Court on the Castle law firm case
    • Notice of No Foreclosure Sales
      There will be no foreclosure sale held on these dates.
    • New legislation affecting overbids
      Important notice regarding the proceeds of a foreclosure sale in excess of the amount due the lender.
    • JeffCo Guest Wireless

      Important Notice regarding JeffCo Guest Wireless Wi-Fi. You should be able to access the Public Trustee’s web site in the sale room now. Please let us know if you are unable to connect to the Foreclosure Property Search.

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