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  • Deed Transferring Title


    A Public Trustee Confirmation Deed is issued to the person holding the Certificate of Purchase, or the last redeeming junior lien holder after expiration of all redemption periods.

    Public Trustee Deed Fees:

    • Executing Public Trustee Confirmation Deed (including notary fee): $30
    • Recording a Public Trustee's Deed (per page): $11
    • Total for a one-page Public Trustee Confirmation Deed: $41


    Record additional pages (per page): $5; for example, a two-page Deed would cost $46 to record.

    Assignments are separate documents and require separate fees:

    • Recording documents (per page, statutory): $10
    • Recording surcharge (per document, statutory): $1
    • Total to record a one-page document $11



    Last Updated: 4-15-2013