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    Road and Bridge Administration


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    21401 Golden Gate Canyon Rd.
    Golden, CO 80403

  • Road and Bridge Division


    Jefferson County, Road and Bridge is dedicated to providing residents with a convenient, accessible and safe transportation system. Road and Bridge maintains over 2,900 lane miles of paved and 700 lane miles of gravel roadways in unincorporated Jefferson County. (One lane-mile is a 10-foot wide section of a road one mile long). Find general information on our division using the link in the left navigation column.

    Services provided by Road and Bridge include:

    • Asphalt maintenance and repair  
    • Concrete replacement and repair  
    • Gravel road maintenance  
    • Drainage maintenance along roadway right-of-way  
    • Street sweeping  
    • Landscaped median maintenance  
    • Snow plowing and sanding of icy roads  
    • Countywide roadside noxious weed control  
    • Capital Improvement projects     


     Simms St. Sinkhole Update

    7/30/2014 -  Slow progress is being made at the South Simms Street Sinkhole repair. Hand tunneling is being required due to collapsing earth conditions in the old culvert pipe. Approximately 90 feet of new steel culvert has been pushed into place out of a total of 175 feet. South Simms will remain closed until the new steel culvert pipe has been pushed passed the sinkhole. That point is at approximately 110 feet. We are within 20 feet of reopening South Simms to through traffic and hope to reopen Simms to two-lane traffic within the next week. 
      Sinkhole on Simms Street