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  • Road and Bridge Division


    Jefferson County, Road and Bridge is dedicated to providing residents with a convenient, accessible and safe transportation system. Road and Bridge maintains over 2,900 lane miles of paved and 700 lane miles of gravel roadways in unincorporated Jefferson County. (One lane-mile is a 10-foot wide section of a road one mile long). Find general information on our division using the link in the left navigation column.

    Services provided by Road and Bridge include: 

    • Asphalt maintenance and repair
    • Concrete replacement and repair
    • Gravel road maintenance
    • Drainage maintenance along the roadway right-of-way
    • Snow plowing and sanding of icy roads
    • Street sweeping
    • Countywide roadside noxious weed control
    • Landscaped Median maintenance
    • Capital Improvement projects
    • Driveway inspections
    • Road inspections for acceptance for county maintenance


    Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office handles after-hours emergency dispatch calls for the Road & Bridge Division. 

    If you would like to submit a request or concern regarding one of our above services, please use Contact Us.