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  • Road and Bridge Division


    Jefferson County, Road and Bridge is dedicated to providing residents with a convenient, accessible and safe transportation system. Road and Bridge maintains over 2,900 lane miles of paved and 700 lane miles of gravel roadways in unincorporated Jefferson County. (One lane-mile is a 10-foot wide section of a road one mile long). Find general information on our division using the link in the left navigation column.

    Services provided by Road and Bridge include: 

    •  Asphalt Maintenance and Repair
    •  Concrete Replacement and Repair
    •  Gravel Road Maintenance
    •  Drainage Maintenance along the Roadway Right-of-way
    •  Snow Plowing and Sanding of Icy Roads
    •  Street Sweeping
    •  Countywide Roadside Noxious Weed Control
    •  Landscaped Median Maintenance
    •  Capital Improvement Projects
    •  Driveway Inspections
    •  Road Inspections for acceptance for County Maintenance
    •  Sign and Striping Maintenance 


    Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office handles after-hours emergency dispatch calls for the Road & Bridge Division. 

    If you would like to submit a request or concern regarding one of our above services, please use Contact Us.

    Shoveling of sidewalks

    Jefferson County does not have an ordinance requiring citizens to shovel sidewalks, but the county encourages citizens to shovel walks adjacent to their homes as a courtesy to their neighbors and for the safety of pedestrians. Residents of incorporated areas are urged to check with their city governments for any policies regarding snow removal from sidewalks. Residents in unincorporated areas of Jefferson County who live within the boundaries of a homeowners association are urged to check with their HOA for any regulations regarding sidewalk maintenance.

    For information about the plowing of streets in unincorporated Jefferson County, please see the Snow Removal FAQs page or call 303-271-5200.