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  • Snow Removal and Deicing Operations


    The Jefferson County Road and Bridge Division is responsible for clearing snow along 2,900 lane-miles of paved roads and 700 lane-miles of gravel roads in the county’s unincorporated areas. One lane-mile is a 10-foot wide section of road one mile long. State highways, private roads and newly constructed roads that have not been accepted by formal resolution of the Board of County Commissioners are not included.

    Road and Bridge’s mission is to ensure the traveling public’s safety by efficiently removing accumulated snow, providing traction materials on ice-covered roads and maintaining public access to the county roadway system, all while remaining within acceptable parameters of budget and resource allocation.

    Forecasting and Preparations

    The Road and Bridge Division is on a 24-hour, early-warning alert system. Supervisors use local, national and customized weather forecasts and databases to anticipate and prepare for the forecasted storm’s intensity. Equipment is readied for sanding and plowing during normal working hours.

    Each equipment operator is assigned a specific route for snow removal and sanding. Area supervisors determine route assignments based on road priority and the most efficient use of equipment.