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IBAC IS-BAO Introductory Event

Rocky Mountain Aviation Safety Roundtable presents...

IBAC IS-BAO Introductory Event

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Who, What, Why, When, and How to Implement IS-BAO and SMS

Who is affected?
What is IBAC, IS-BAO, and SMS?
What are the ICAO and State/ FAA regulatory requirements?
Why should you implement IS-BAO and SMS?
How do you get started?
How long does it take?
When do you need to do this?

These and other questions will be answered in a presentation by Kathy Perfetti, the IS-BAO Standards Manager, at this Free Event by the Rocky Mountain Aviation Safety Roundtable.

IBAC IS-BAO, Guest Speaker, and RMASRT Information

IBAC represents the interests of business, corporate and on-demand operators through its 15 member Associations(NBAA is the largest member).

The IS-BAO program is an industry code of best practices that contains a Safety Management System. It fosters standardized, safe, and highly professional aircraft operations worldwide.

Kathy Perfetti joined the International Business Aviation Council (IBAC) as the Standards Manager in January 2007 where she manages the IS-BAO safety program.

Kathy came to IBAC after retiring from 33 years of federal government service-29 of which were with the Federal Aviation Administration in the field and headquarters representing both general aviation and air carrier operations. In the Kansas City and St. Louis field offices she served as an operations inspector and POI for part 135 and 121 operators, pilot schools, corporate operators and other aviation activities. In the Washington DC headquarters she held numerous staff and management positions and led major rulemaking and implementation initiatives including:

• The commuter rule which brought the commuter airlines under the part 121 air carrier rules
• Single engine IFR rules for part 135 operators
• Ground deicing international standards and guidance
• Fractional ownership rule and implementation
• The part 135/125 Aviation Rulemaking Committee (to rewrite parts 125 and 135)

Kathy holds an Airline Transport Pilot certificate with several type ratings. She is a recipient of NBAA's Silk Scarf Award, a two time recipient of Business and Commercial Aviation's Visionary Award, and other government and industry awards. She is an honors graduate of Michigan State University. She currently lives in Fredericksburg, VA.


The Rocky Mountain Aviation Safety Roundtable (RMASRT) was created in 2008 in order to provide a confidential arena to share and learn what other Operators are doing concerning Safety and Security issues such as SMS, IS-BAO, Medical and Human Factors, Flight Operations, U.S. and International regulatory changes, and more. Members are primarily corporate, Part 91 jet Operators who own or operate registered aircraft in the Rocky Mountain region. Meetings occur 3 times per year on the 3rd Tuesday of the designated month. Please contact us for more details.

Event Details & Logistics

Kathy will be giving a modified presentation of the IBAC IS-BAO Workshop.
Date: Tuesday, January 19, 2010.
Time: 0900 - 1400 (lunch on-site, included; hosted by Level(3)).
Location: Level(3) Hangar, KBJC.

Hangar address is: 9666 Metro Airport Ave./ Broomfield, CO 80021/ Hangar# 39. Level(3) Office, Cheryl: 720-888-4032, or Malachi O'Neill, Mountain Aviation: 720-314-0595 for progressive directions.

Limited Space. RSVP REQUIRED.

First 30 confirmed requests will be given slot reservations.

Please RSVP by Tuesday, January 12, 2010, to:

Jennie Ator, Membership, RMASRT: 303-912-3171
Malachi O'Neill, Secretary, RMASRT: 720.314.0595

We look forward to hearing from you, seeing you there, and adding you to our growing list of involved Flight Departments. Thank you for your participation. -- Malachi O'Neill, on behalf of the entire RMASRT.
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