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Presidental Visit - TFR

February 18, 2010


Temporary Flight Restriction Zones Locations (Surface up to, but not including FL180)

  • •30nm TFR - Centered on DEN228012.2
  • •10nm TFR Buckley AFB - Centered on FQF266006.6
  • •10nm TFR Downtown - Centered on BJC135012.6

Time frames
  • • 30nm TFR - 1415L until 1800L
  • • 10nm TFR BKF - 1415L until 1530L
  • • 10nm TFR Downtown - 1445L until 1730L
  • • 10nm TFR BKF - 1700L until 1800L

AS PER NOTAM 10/6534

Rules for the 10NM PTFR:
  1. Only regularly scheduled Air Carrier and Air Cargo, Medical Emergency, Law Enforcement, and DOD aircraft can operate in the TFR.

Rules for the 30NM PTFR:
  1. 1. Must be squawking an ATC assigned discrete transponder code prior to operation in the 30NM PTFR.
  2. 2. Must maintain 2 way radio communication with ATC.
  3. 3. Must be on an IFR or VFR flight plan.
  4. 4. Only authorized operations are arrivals/departures to local airports in the 30NM TFR.
  5. 5. Aircraft may not loiter within the PTFR. ATC may approve transit operations on a workload permitting basis.

Prohibited Operations:
  1. 1. Aerobatics
  2. 2. Gliders/Tow Aircraft/Ultra-light
  3. 3. Flight Training (Instruction and Practice Instrument Approaches)
  4. 4. Jump planes (parachute support)
  5. 5. Crop Dusting
  6. 6. Animal Population Control Flight Operations
  7. 7. Commercial Cargo Ops that don’t meet/exceed TSA's DSIP standards
  8. 8. Banner Towing
  9. 9. Model Rocketry/Aircraft Operations
  10. 10. Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS)

Impact on IFR Pilots:
  1. 1. Must get their clearance prior to departure from an airport in 30NM PTFR - cannot pick up their clearance and squawk code airborne. Must get their clearance and squawk code prior to PTFR entry.

Impact on VFR Pilots:
  1. 1. No operations allowed in the 10NMR PTFR.
  2. 2. Only operations allowed in the 30NM PTFR are arrivals/departures to local airports and transit operations approved by ATC on a workload permitting basis.
  3. 3. Aircraft departing private strips must be on a heading away from the 10NMR PTFR.
  4. 4. Must file an IFR/VFR flight plan to enter/depart .
  5. 5. No round robin flight plans into/out of PTFR; pilot must file separate flight plans.
  6. 6. All aircraft must be squawking an ATC assigned discreet code prior to entering the 30NMR PTFR.

Flight Data / Clearance Delivery
  1. When releasing the VFR departure be sure to instruct them to depart on a heading away from the 10NM PTFR, squawking the assigned code and contacting the assigned departure frequency.

  2. Controllers should review scramble and intercept procedures. Aircraft that violate the PTFR and are determined to be a threat will be intercepted and forced down.
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