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Overhead Street Lights – Help Do Your Part

by Maria D'Andrea, P.E., Traffic/Transportation Engineer
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Jefferson County pays to maintain and provide power to approximately 700 overhead street lights. The majority of these are located on arterial streets such as Kipling Parkway or Bowles Avenue. Lights are maintained by Xcel Energy, Intermountain Rural Electric Association (IREA) or, if related to an intersection with a highway or freeway, the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT).

Xcel Energy and IREA charge the county a monthly flat fee for each overhead street light (depending on the wattage). This fee is charged regardless of whether the light is operating or not. Street lights in neighborhoods are typically paid for by the area Home Owner’s Association (HOA) under similar arrangements.

You can help the county by reporting streetlight outages in your neighborhood. Before calling or going on-line, you’ll need some basic information.
• Location of the light: for example, NW corner of Simms Street and Marlowe Avenue
• Type of malfunction: is the light burnt out, blinking or malfunctioning in some other way
• For Xcel Energy, each of their light poles has a Facility Tag on it. This is typically a small plaque or sticker of black letters/numbers on a yellow background. Writing this number down and reporting it helps Xcel to respond more quickly to the problem. If there is no Facility Tag, write down the address of the nearest property.

Knowing which company to contact depends on the location of the street light. A general guide you can follow is:

• Xcel Energy
o If the light is located north of US 285 and/or east of C-470: call 1-800-895-4999 (Prompt 3)
o You can report online using Xcel’s street light outage form.

o If the light is located south of US 285 and west of C-470 or in the areas along I-70 on the western edge of the County, call 303-688-3100.

o For street lights at interchanges or along freeways such as C-470, I-70, US 285, SH 93, etc., call 303-757-9367.

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