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Help Jeffco's Beauty Shine -- Adopt-a-Highway!

Larry Benshoof, Road & Bridge Director
comments open from July 12 until July 31

Across the State, thousands of volunteers clean adopted stretches of highway. They have taken responsibility for their environment and become part of one of the most effective community volunteer efforts nationwide!

Who can adopt a highway?
Churches, scout groups, employee and retired employee associations, non-profit organizations, service clubs ... any group that takes pride in Jeffco.

Adopting groups are proud of their contribution to their community and confident their efforts are increasing public awareness about litter control.

How does the program work?
This program consists of a volunteer group picking litter off the right-of-way of a section of road they have adopted.
>> That section of road is approximately two miles in length.
>> There are two pickups required each year with a two-year commitment.
>> Orange safety vests, trash bags and trash bag pickup are provided by Jefferson County.
>> Warning signs alert motorists when a litter pick-up is in progress.
>> Permanent signs are placed on the right-of-way indicating the name of the adopting group.

If you are interested in adopting a stretch of highway in Jefferson County, please visit the Road and Bridge website to view the list of available segments.

Contact Heather Rhode at (303) 271-5220 for more information on this fun and rewarding program!

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