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FasTracks, West Line Update

by Public Information
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With the groundbreaking of the Sheridan Station Parking Garage, all elements of the West Rail Line are now under some type of construction.

Safety Reminder
With school out and more people walking in the neighborhoods, it’s important to remember to stay away from construction and the light rail system in general. Observe and follow all warning signs to prevent accidents and warn your children to do the same. Stay off the light rail tracks, unless you are crossing at an intersection. Remote switch testing and on-going switch operations can cause serious injuries for pedestrians on the trackway, even without a train coming.
Construction is almost complete, but safety hazards will remain as the light rail system is powered and testing of all systems is conducted later this year. Following that phase, light rail trains will begin running on the tracks, and gates at the crossings will begin to move - presenting a new set of hazards. Remember the basics – STOP, LOOK and LISTEN. They will serve you well in the future as West Rail Operations is introduced into the community.

Tour de FasTracks – West Rail Ride
As construction of the West Rail Line draws to a close, the project team is planning the first of many celebration events. Tour de FasTracks-West Rail Ride, will be held on Saturday, September 15, 2012. The family friendly bicycle event will kick-off at Oak Station and end at the Decatur•Federal Station. There will also be an option for more advanced cyclists to begin at the Jefferson County Government Center•Golden Station. Participants will enjoy a fun-filled activity center and BBQ at the end of the ride.
Join us and experience the newest bike paths while getting to know the terrain of the future West Rail Line. RTD will be handing out operation and safety information and our stakeholders will be manning stations with information relative to their jurisdictions.

Parking Structures
Work on the Lakewood•Wadsworth parking structure is quickly approaching the one-third completion mark, and the project is moving along nicely as utility efforts continue and concrete and steel are placed on levels above the ground floor. In addition to the main structure, crews are now addressing the electrical, security and storage rooms and the components for the stairs and elevators. Swinerton Builders is happy to boast an accident-free record for the project and 167 employees have completed safety orientation. We look forward to a continuation of the already successful efforts on this structure.

On the bright and sunny morning of Friday, June 29, Mayors Michael B. Hancock and Bob Murphy of Denver and Lakewood respectively, RTD Board members Matt Cohen and Angie Malpiede along with Swinerton representatives, other elected officials and area partners welcomed residents and stakeholders to commemorate the beginning of construction activities for the Sheridan Station Parking Structure. Phil Washington, General Manager of RTD, was on hand to remind the crowd of the significant economic investment the Sheridan Parking Structure and West Rail Line represent. $295 million have been contributed to the local economy and more than 600 jobs have been produced throughout construction of the West Rail Line. Praise was also given to VP of Swinerton Builders Colorado, Scott Conrad, who committed to exceeding the 51 percent Small Business Enterprise participation goal for the project. Debra Bustos, Director of Real Estate for the Urban Land Conservancy, highlighted the larger effect such a significant investment can make to the shape and character of the community. Calling it a “catalyst investment,” she proposed this site has the opportunity to leverage development of additional amenities in the area and provide access to jobs for untold numbers of families and residents.
The building permit for the Sheridan Garage was recently issued by the City and County of Denver and construction efforts can now begin. Earthwork, drilling and forming caissons as well as utility improvement efforts will begin in earnest the first week of August, and you will soon see visible progress on this site.

Construction Update – Area 1 (Jeffco Government Center to Federal Center)
Current and Ongoing Activities
Current and Ongoing Activities
• Final activities at the Jefferson County Government Center include demolishing the temporary construction access and completing roadwork near the entrance to the facility.
• Road construction at Ulysses Street is complete and Ulysses Street north of 6th Avenue is open. Installation of the guardrail along 6th Avenue in this area will begin soon.
• Work continues on Union Boulevard between 6th Avenue and 4th Avenue and the on and off ramps of 6th Avenue at Union Boulevard. Lane closures on the ramps and Union Boulevard may be in place during daytime hours.
• Final irrigation and landscape work continues in Area 1.

Information contained in this post adapted from the FasTracks newsletter. To subscribe to the newsletter or get the latest information, see the FasTracks West Corridor website.

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