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Information Meeting will Address Open Space Flood Recovery

by Tom Hoby, CPRP, Open Space/Jeffco Parks Director
comments open from November 13 until December 3

The September storms that swept across the front range not only damaged homes, property and roads. The historic flooding also caused severe trail damage and the subsequent closure of several trails, and two Jeffco Open Space Parks in their entirety. As extensive repair work has taken place and volunteer efforts have aided in the recovery, only one park (Apex Park) will remain closed into 2014. Additionally, specific trail segments will remain closed at White Ranch Park, North Table Mountain Park and Alderfer Three Sisters Park into 2014.

There’s good news, too. Damage has been repaired at Matthews Winters, Mount Galbraith, South Valley Parks and popular Lair o’ the Bear Park along Bear Creek was reopened on November 9 after extensive work to reroute and rebuild trails and picnic area were completed through staff diligence and volunteer support. One pedestrian bridge deemed unsafe will need to be repaired and the remainder of the Park is available for visitors to enjoy.

To learn more about the status of flood recovery efforts by Jeffco Open Space, please attend a public information meeting on Tuesday, November 19, from 6-8pm, at American Mountaineering Center located at 710 10th Street, Golden, CO 80401, in the conference rooms.

The presentation will include our plan and project strategy, as well as involvement with the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). Following the presentation, staff experts will be available for one-on-one questions regarding trails and repair work occurring in the three parks. Information on how individuals and groups can participate in flood recovery efforts will also available.

Apex Park suffered the greatest flood damage and will require an in-depth recovery process. Apex trail, the main artery for the Park, has gullies up to 8 feet wide, mounds of boulders, and long stretches where all the soil has been washed away. View photos of the flood damage at Apex Park. The work to reopen portions and later, the entire park, will extend into 2014.

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