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Forest Wood Slash RFP

by Mark Danner, Facilities and Construction Management Director
comments open from December 18 until January 6

Jefferson County has experienced many wildfires over the last several years. Unfortunately lives have been lost and property destroyed. In an effort to minimize these natural and human error caused fires, the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office has managed a Slash Collection Program for over two decades. County residents have taken advantage of several slash collection sites per year through this program.

In an effort to significantly increase the amount of forest slash collected and processed, Jefferson County will soon be releasing an open RFP to solicit proposals from commercial industry. We will be looking for creative ideas such as curtain burning, mulching, composting, generating bio-mass energy generation, using biochar, etc.

Proposals will include requested information for potential slash collection site identification, processing methods and possible collaboration with the existing Jefferson County Sheriff's Office slash collection program. Jefferson County will collect all RFP responses and determine which proposals if any, are acceptable to the county.

Follow our website (, industry publications, social media feeds, etc. for the actual release date and details of this RFP.

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