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Economic Impact of Rocky Mountain Metropolitan Airport in 2013

by Kenneth Maenpa, Airport Director
comments open from January 8 until January 27

The Rocky Mountain Metro Airport is a part of Jefferson County and located in Broomfield. Every year the Colorado Department of Transportation Aeronautics Division conducts a statewide economic impact study. The study includes Rocky Mountain Metro Airport’s impact from on-airport activities (administration, operations and maintenance, and activities of airport tenants that provide aviation services or support airport customers), off-airport spending (by visitors that arrive in Colorado through Rocky Mountain Metro Airport) and various other impacts such as annual taxes.

The annual economic benefit includes the “multiplier effect” which captures the recycling of initial economic impacts in the economy, and spending associated with the airports operators, tenants, capital investment, air visitors, and non-aviation businesses that rely on cargo, support of additional jobs, and payroll and economic activity.

Below you can find the impacts:

Annual Tax Impacts of the Rocky Mountain Metro Airport
Local and State taxes linked to the operation of the airport total $12.7 Million.

The Rocky Mountain Metro economic contribution to the communities it serves is $460.5 Million in output and 2,670 jobs with an annual payroll of $153.9 Million.

If you would like more information about the 2013 Economic Impact of Rocky Mountain Metro Airport, please visit the CDOT Economic Impact Study page for RMMA.

If you would like more information about the 2013 economic impact of Colorado Airports, please visit the CDOT Economic Impact Study of Colorado Airports webpage.

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