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Make Time to Focus on Professional Goals

by Jennifer Fairweather, Human Resources Director
comments open from January 28 until February 16

One thing we often forget to do at the beginning of the New Year is to spend some time focusing on professional goals. Here is a checklist of things to do:

1. Make a list of the career goals you want to work toward.

2. Challenge yourself to improve your performance in your current role. Perhaps taking on a new project or cross training to learn a new skill would add some inspiration to your daily routine.

3. Think about your educational goals and how additional courses or training may augment your career plans. Now is also a great time to explore degree opportunities with the local colleges and universities.

4. Update your resume and your professional social media sites. You never know when a new opportunity may come up!

5. Consider a new networking opportunity such as joining a professional association.

These easy steps will chart your path for 2014. Be sure to check out for job opportunities with Jefferson County!

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