Get Involved in Making Jefferson County the Best Place to Age

by Lynn Johnson, Human Services Director
comments open from March 5 until March 24

Did you know that Jefferson County has the largest number of adults age 60 and over in Colorado, and that number is expected to double by the year 2030? Six years ago, Jefferson County’s Strategic Plan for Aging Well was created and I am excited to see the community joining together to support this initiative.

Last summer, Jefferson County’s Aging Well Project held its 4th Annual Summit. Over 175 participants from all different aspects of aging attended the Summit from caregivers to businesses, to faith based people and elected officials, transportation and housing experts, financial and medical professionals. The Summit was a call to action to unite and create communities that are senior friendly including funding for assisted transportation, greater options in senior housing, greater awareness of care giving issues amongst businesses, a more structured approach to volunteerism as well as many more topics. Read more about the summit in the '2013 Aging Well Summit Results' from the various breakout groups.

A Summit will not be held this year in order to give members of the community time to implement some of their ideas that they pledged at the Summit. Instead, a spring meeting is being planned for elected officials, community representatives, and economic advisory persons to discuss the economic benefits and implications resulting from the aging population and what steps government and others may want to consider when addressing opportunities and challenges associated with this population growth.

We are inviting everyone in our community to get involved. There are many opportunities to volunteer. Up and coming projects include creating a series of pre-retirement workshops, educating employers on better understanding their caregiving employees, and encouraging neighborhood restaurants to cater more to the senior crowd.

This work is elevating the conversation around seniors and our community is starting to take notice. We all need to embrace the knowledge, skills and abilities seniors bring to their communities. This will lead to better collaboration and resources in the coming decade as the number of seniors continue to grow at exponential rates.

To get involved with the Aging Well Project, contact Susan Franklin, Project Manager at Jefferson County Human Services, at or 303-271-4051.


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