'Gladius the Show' at the Jefferson County Fairgrounds

by Scott Gales, Jefferson County Fairgrounds Director
comments open from March 26 until April 14

Spectacular acrobatics and aerial work plus giant Belgian draft horses make up an extraordinary equestrian show titled “Gladius The Show.” This show is now performing each Friday, Saturday and Sunday through April 20 at the Jefferson County Fairgrounds in Golden.

”Gladius The Show” was created by Erik Martonovich, national and international equestrian vaulting champion who grew up in Golden. Martonovich was a featured performer in the Cirque du Soleil equestrian show, “Cavalia.” The 14 performers in “Gladius The Show” hold 24 national titles in two countries. The 20 horses that are part of the show include Belgians, Andalusians, Percherons, Palominos, Paints and one miniature.

Additional show information and tickets can be found at www.gladiustheshow.com. General Admission tickets start at just $15 for children, 12 and under, and $26 for adults. VIP and Xiphos Passes are also available.

If you haven’t visited the Jefferson County Fairgrounds, this is the perfect opportunity to see amazing entertainment for the whole family and check out our event facilities. We’re located at 15200 W. 6th Avenue, in Golden. Exit 6th Avenue at Indiana and take the south frontage road to our complex.


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