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  • County Online Services

    • Address Wizard 
      The Address Wizard is a tool to help you obtain geographical, political and additional information about Jefferson County addresses.
    • Commercial and Industrial Database 
      Search for vacant commercial land in unincorporated Jefferson County. Search by building type or square footage. View graphic maps with layered information.
    • Crime Mapping 
      The crime map allows you to search for crimes reported in unincorporated Jefferson County.
    • Distressed Properties 
      Access information on distressed properties in Jefferson County.
    • District Search 
      Road and Bridge District Search Enter an address to find your district.
    • File a Zoning Complaint 
      If you have a concern about your neighbor and whether the activity on his/her property meets zoning regulations file a complaint online.
    • Financial Data Search 
      This application allows for easier access to information on expeditures, financial reports and other financial data.
    • Food Service Establishment Inspection 
      Public Health Food Service Establishment Inspection - This service is currently down.  Please check back later.
    • Historic Place Names Database 
      Access historical information about named sites in Jefferson County, including buildings, roads, ditches, mountains, streams, and other natural and man-made sites and features.
    • Jeffco Interactive Mapping Application 
      Find information about property, such as zoning, recent permit activity, tax information, nearby development applications and countless other features.
    • Jeffco Permit Search 
      Data within the Jefferson County Permit Search application is updated at least twice each day.
    • Jeffco Sheriff’s Office Inmate Lookup Tool 
      Search for inmates currently in custody.
    • Jeffco Weather Station 
      View current weather conditions in Jefferson County.
    • Maps and GIS Products Catalog 
      An online catalog of digital and hard-copy maps, meeting minutes and various other resources.
    • Meetings and Informational Videos 
      Access County meeting and hearings videos from various meeting bodies such as the Board of Commissioners, Planning Commission, Board of Adjustment and Open Space Advisory Committee.  Access videos on special events as well.
    • Motor Vehicle Online Renewals 
      How you can renew your registration online with the Office of Motor Vehicles.
    • Online Permitting and Inspection Requests 
      Jefferson County offers an online application process for electrical, mechanical, plumbing and re-roofing/re-siding permits.
    • Parcel Maps 
      Access Jefferson County parcel layer to view and select parcels graphically, print maps and perform queries using Parcel ID and Schedule Number. (ASPIN)
    • Personal Property Inventory 
      Access personal property inventory.
    • Property Records Search 
      Search neighborhood sales and property data by address, parcel ID, schedule number, reception number, neighborhood and subdivision name or code.
    • Property Tax Payment Search 
      Property Tax Payment Search.
    • Records Index Search 
      Access marriage, real estate and UCC index searches.
    • Registered Sex Offenders 
      The Jefferson County Sheriff's Office Registered Sex Offender Database only includes sex offenders registered in the unincorporated areas of Jefferson County, Colorado. It does not include offenders in cities like Arvada, Golden, Littleton, Lakewood, etc.
    • Report a Crime 
      Some crimes may be reported online; see this page to find out if your incident falls into that category.
    • Search and Apply for Job Opportunities 
      Search and apply for Jefferson County job opportunities.
    • Search Foreclosures 
      Access the Foreclosure Property Search application, reports, legals and maps.
    • Stay Connected 
      Stay Connected through social media.
    • Tax Lien Sale Property Maps Search 
      Search for tax lien property maps.
    • Tax Lien Sale Registration 
      Registration Dates:  09/23/2013 - 10/03/2013. Tax Lien Sale Registration is currently closed.
    • Traffic Tickets 
      Traffic clerks are responsible for processing and accepting payment for model traffic code penalty assessments.
    • Voting and Registration 
      Information on voting and registration for residents of Jefferson County