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    Maps and GIS Products Catalog


    Welcome to Jefferson County's online catalog of Information Technology products. The products offered here can be obtained by placing an order by e-mail or over the telephone. Some are digital products such as the homeowner's association listings. The county also offers products in a hard copy format, including Road Atlases, aerial photographs, and maps.

    Product List:Assessor parcel data for All township groups

    • BCC Minutes
    • Indices from 1963
    • Indices for the past five years
    • Complete set of Indices for all years
    • Indices tract information
    • Indices for a particular year
    • County locator guide
    • Meetings and minutes
    • County facilities
    • Political districts-congressional
    • CHARN
    • Political districts-commissioners
    • Custom mapping
    • City boundaries
    • Geologic hazards
    • Land Use
    • Precincts
    • Road centerlines
    • Special district-water and sanitation
    • Flood plain
    • Fire stations
    • Fire protection
    • Homeowners associations
    • Metropolitan districts
    • National Geodetic Survey
    • Parks and recreation
    • Recorded plats
    • R-1 schools/schools
    • Base map
    • Zoning map


    Jefferson County hopes that the products in this catalog are useful to you. Please give us your feedback if you see other items that you would like made available. 

    Sales Policy

    In accordance with state and federal laws, Jefferson County collects certain information about people and property. Some of that information is, by law, confidential, and the county is very careful to never release or divulge it. At the same time, Jefferson County recognizes that there is a legitimate need for companies and individuals to have access to the non-confidential information it collects.

    In many cases, Jefferson County has added value to the basic information by providing it to the public in easy-to-use formats. Jefferson County hopes that by preparing products for general use, both businesses and individuals are better served.

    GIS Technicians

    Last Updated: 10-18-2016