• Administration Services Section


    Administrative Investigations

    The Sheriff's Office accepts all comments and complaints regarding its employees or processes. Administrative Investigations may be contacted by phone, in writing or in person; citizens may also direct a complaint or commendation to any supervisor and it will be processed through Administrative Investigations.

    Accreditation and Policy Integrity

    The Accreditation Unit ensures the JCSO meets or exceeds the requirements of the Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies (CALEA) and the American Correctional Association (ACA).  To earn and maintain accreditation, JCSO voluntarily complies with or exceeds nationally recognized standards of operation.  Because the accreditation process is an accomplishment that cannot be achieved without a total office-wide commitment, every member of the Sheriff's Office contributes in some way to achieving and maintaining accreditation standards.

    County Security Manager

    The county security manager is responsible for developing and implementing a centralized security program that provides for a safe environment for Jefferson County government employees, citizens, vendors and contractors. The security officer is responsible for the security of the county government campus and the county's 55 separate facilities.

    Staff Inspections

    Staff inspection ensures that all work groups at the Sheriff's Office are adhering to department policy and accreditation standards. Regular reviews of each unit's activities and record-keeping ensure that the department is operating efficiently and according to established standards.

    Research and Planning

    In order to ensure the continuing delivery of law enforcement services while effectively and efficiently managing all available resources, the Sheriff's Office will continually assess its performance and carefully research all alternatives in planning for the future.  Research and development includes the collection and maintenance of data and statistical information for the purposes of planning and developing long and short term goals and programs within the Sheriff's Office, and includes the distribution of relevant reports and statistical data to affected components.

    Crime Analysis

    The crime analyst detects and studies crime pattern and series by analyzing how crimes are committed.  Information is then shared with investigations and patrol so they may react to emerging crime trends.  The crime analyst assists in compiling and maintaining statistical data for various components of the Sheriff's Office.

    SMART Jeffco

    The SMART Jeffco process employs real-time crime analysis combined with proven and innovative crime-reduction techniques.  This allows law enforcement to immediately identify and address current crime conditions and prevent future problems from arising.


    The Jefferson County Sheriff's Office holds two or more state-certified law enforcement academies each year.  Recruiting is responsible for the applications and testing processes for both sworn and civilian positions at the Sheriff's Office.  Recruiting is active in recruitment activities and trained specifically in the following areas: federal and state compliance, cultural awareness, written, oral and physical agility examinations, medical requirements, and record systems for applicant tracking.

    Project Management

    The project management process is used to ensure appropriate initiation, prioritization, allocation of resources, and management of information technology projects.  These projects evolve and transform the Sheriff's Office's business processes and capabilities.  Project management includes the IT project life cycle from definition to deployment, made possible through engagement with executive staff, cross-functional stakeholders, and development teams.

    Volunteer Services

    Volunteer services is a manifestation of the partnership of the Sheriff's Office and the citizens of Jefferson County.  Assigned in non-sworn, civilian capacities throughout the Sheriff's Office, volunteers supplement the delivery of services while enhancing the relationship of the Sheriff's Office with the community.  The Detention Services Division relies on volunteers to provide religious, educational and substance-abuse counseling to inmates in the jail.  Volunteers also act as victim advocates in concert with the Victim Services.  Reserve deputies, cadets and explorers are also volunteers.

    Honor Guard

    The Honor Guard comprises deputies who present the flag at events, including academy graduations, awards ceremonies, community events, parades and funerals of Jefferson County employees.  Most Honor Guard members have served in the military; some were honor guard members during their military service.