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  • Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office Detention Services Division


    The Jefferson County Detention Facility, or county jail, is the central detention facility for all law enforcement agencies in Jefferson County, including local police departments. The county jail houses inmates and pretrial detainees who have been committed to the custody of the sheriff. The Jefferson County Sheriff's Office Detention Services Division mission is to remain responsive to community needs, maintain a safe and secure facility and provide varied services and programs for stability and enrichment.

    Detention services division staff is responsible for all aspects of the jail, including: 

    Every arrestee who arrives at the jail must first be processed through booking. The unit ensures the legal, accurate, timely and safe processing of arrestees before they are moved to housing modules. Staff members record general information, such as name, physical description, charges, bond information and emergency contact information in the booking process. Deputies then obtain photographs, fingerprints and iris scans of arrested persons for identification. Finally, medical and counseling staff screen each arrestee before he or she is moved to the appropriate housing module.

    Court Security
    More than 20 deputies are ensure the security of the county government center. Their duties include making in-court arrests pursuant to judges' orders, confiscating weapons and otherwise securing the courtroom areas and escorting defendants and witnesses in high-profile cases in and out of the building. The court security unit also has a K-9 team specializing in explosive detection.

    Special Operations Response Team (SORT)
    The special operations response team comprises 14 detentions deputies specially trained to deal with events such as prison disturbances, riots or fires within the jail facility. SORT members also work outside the jail facility, transporting high-risk prisoners, providing specialized court security in high-risk instances and assisting the SWAT team in riot or crowd control.

    The sheriff's office is responsible for transporting inmates to and from other jail facilities throughout Colorado. The transportation unit ensures the safe transfer of inmates between facilities. Transportation staff is also assigned, when necessary, to take inmates for specialized medical care at local hospitals. In 1995, the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office started Transports Across Colorado, a cooperative effort between counties to assist each other with inmate transports. This effort saves each agency miles and money. Since 1995, Jefferson County has saved more than $3 million in transportation costs through the program.

    Work Release
    The work/education release program was developed jointly with the courts as an alternative to incarceration. The program allows sentenced individuals who meet specific criteria to serve time while maintaining employment or attending approved schooling in the community. Program eligibility depends on recommendation from the inmate's sentencing court, a review of his or her criminal history and thorough medical and psychological examinations. Those placed in the program must pay a per diem rate that is adjusted based on their ability to pay. Work release fees go to the county's general fund.

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