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    Criminalistics: The application of physical science to law in the criminal justice system.

    Criminalistics Crime Lab VanThe Jefferson County Sheriff's Office Criminalistics Unit provides services in the following forensic disciplines:

    Controlled Substances

    Provides analytical support to law enforcement agencies by identifying drug seizures for the presence of controlled substances.

    Clandestine Labs

    Provides technical support in the examination and analyses of illicit drug labs, including site assessment for chemical and physical hazards, methods of synthesis and the analysis of source chemicals and finished products.

    Latent Prints

    Processes crime scenes and evidence for latent prints; provides agencies with reports explaining its examinations, comparisons and disposition of latent print evidence, offers expert testimony in court and provides Automated Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS) support.

    Crime Scene Response

    Jefferson County Sheriff's Office criminalists provide local law enforcement agencies with onsite investigative support 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Services include evidence identification, documentation, collection and preservation, blood-stain pattern analysis and crime scene reconstruction. Crime lab staff responds to scenes using a specially equipped vehicle.

    DNA Analysis

    The DNA analyst examines physical evidence for the presence of biological fluids, predominately blood, semen and saliva. Once the presence of a biological fluid has been identified, a sample is collected and analyzed. An attempt to identify the source of the resulting DNA profile is made by either comparing the profile with known reference samples from the case or entering the profile into the state and national DNA databases to locate a match.

    Questioned Documents

    Analyzes compares, examines and identifies handwriting and offers expert testimony in court.


    Criminalistics photography documents crime scenes through the use of film photography, digital imaging, videography and aerial photography. In-lab film and digital processing, and custom printing services, in addition to video production and enhancement, are also provided to agencies in Jefferson County.


    Criminalistics unit staff provides training to the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office and outside area law enforcement agencies in latent print processing, crime-scene investigation, controlled-substance identification, physical-evidence recognition, packaging and preservation and forensic photography.


    In 2008, the crime lab achieved full accreditation through the American Society of Crime Laboratory Directors (ASCLAD). This accreditation demonstrates that the lab's management, personnel, operational and technical procedures, equipment and physical facilities meet established standards, ensuring that our lab team is providing the best possible services to our investigators and the people of Jefferson County.

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