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    Sheriff's deputies patrol unincorporated Jefferson County around the clock, responding to emergencies and requests for assistance and enforcing criminal and traffic laws. Deputies work out of three community-based stations in the south, north and mountain areas of the county.

    Community-Based Substations

    The county jail and the sheriff's office headquarters are located at the county government complex in Golden. Also, both the south and mountain substations offer the convenience of walk-in services. See our contact us page for a full listing.

    Animal Control

    The Animal Control Section became part of the sheriff's office in 1998 through county reorganization efforts. Animal control officers are experienced, certified, highly trained professionals commissioned as agents for the Colorado Department of Agriculture, Bureau of Animal Protection.

    Automated License Plate Readers

    Beginning April 2010, the Sheriff’s Office deployed automatic license plate readers on three patrol vehicles in its fleet, following a three-month test phase. Each plate reader is linked electronically to the Colorado Bureau of Investigation database.

    A plate reader scans the area around the patrol car and captures images of license plates only. A plate reader will notify the deputy inside the car if it “hits” on a license plate associated with criminal activity including outstanding arrest warrants, stolen vehicles, stolen plates, sex offenders or missing persons. No information beyond the plate number is collected. The plate reader does not “hit” on expired license plates or plates associated with concealed weapon permits.

    License plate readers are used by law enforcement agencies nationwide, including several Denver metro agencies. This tool aids law enforcement officers in identifying wanted criminals and investigating crimes that have occurred. For example, the capture of license plate images from vehicles fleeing a crime scene may help deputies and investigators develop suspect information.

    The images captured by the plate reader are stored automatically along with the date and location of the image, and retained for one year in a secure server by the Sheriff’s Office, after which time they are purged and the information destroyed. Use of the plate reader does not, intentionally or unintentionally, compromise citizens' legitimate privacy concerns.

    Crime Analysis

    The Jefferson County Sheriff's Office crime analyst detects and studies crime patterns and series by analyzing how crimes are committed. Information is then shared with investigations and patrol so they may react to emerging crime trends.

    Crime Prevention

    Crime-prevention deputies are assigned to educate the public on ways to prevent crime in neighborhoods. The deputies work with the crime analyst, patrol deputies and the Community Relations Unit to gather and disseminate information for residents, business owners and homeowner associations in unincorporated Jefferson County. Learn more about crime prevention and safety.

    Directed Operations Unit

    The Directed Operations Unit is a small, selected group of deputies who are regularly assigned to any task that falls outside the realm of routine patrol, including high-crime areas, traffic problems, special event security, VIP and dignitary security details and liquor code enforcement. The Directed Operations Unit is based on problem-oriented policing - working to solve specific, patrol-related problems as they arise.

    Honor Guard

    The honor guard comprises deputies who present the flag at events, including academy graduations, awards ceremonies, community events, parades and funerals of Jefferson County employees. Most honor guard members have served in the military; some were honor guard members during their military service.

    Traffic Unit

    The Traffic Unit was established in 2003 in response to community concerns about speeding and reckless driving on Jefferson County roads. Traffic unit deputies use Harley-Davidson motorcycles and laser speed guns to enforce traffic laws around the county. Because these deputies do not respond to routine calls, they are free to focus on traffic enforcement alone. Other patrol deputies support the Traffic nit.


  • More Detail on the Patrol Division

    • Crisis Intervention Team
      The Jefferson County Sheriff's Office trains a number of deputies in crisis intervention skills to provide better services to mentally ill people in our community.
    • DUI Enforcement Team
      The DUI checkpoint philosophy emphasizes education first, and considers removing drunk drivers from the road a positive secondary effect.
    • K-9 Unit
      The K-9 unit is used in high-risk situations such as building searches, tracking suspects or lost individuals and discovery of concealed narcotics and explosives. The Jefferson County Sheriff's Office currently has German shepherds trained to detect narcotics; a Belgian shepherd trained to detect explosives; and bloodhounds for tracking and cadaver searches. The K-9 unit is often called upon to provide assistance to other law enforcement agencies in the region.
    • School Resource Officers
      School resource officers serve as a liaison between the sheriff's office and students, parents and administrators in unincorporated Jefferson County and the neighborhoods surrounding those schools. They also provide valuable, law-related supplementary education for students in the schools they serve and in affiliated elementary schools.
    • SWAT
      The special weapons and tactics team is a select group of deputies and support staff from the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office and the Arvada and Golden police departments. SWAT is used in high-risk incidents in which disciplined teamwork, specialized weapons and tactical skills are required, such as incidents involving barricaded subjects or hostages.