• K-9 Unit


    Dogs can be a crime victim's best friend, and a criminal's worst enemy. The Jefferson County Sheriff's Office (JSCO) has a group of strong, disciplined and highly trained dogs that are "unleashed" for tracking suspects, lost individuals or deceased persons. Some dogs are used for sniffing out narcotics and explosives. Each dog has a specialty.

    Deputies on the K-9 unit act as the dogs' caretakers, handlers, trainers and partners. Each deputy must undergo thorough training and testing to join the unit. The K-9 teams undergo in-service training weekly to refine their skills.

    The unit is often called upon to provide assistance to other law enforcement agencies in the region. The bloodhounds and their handler, Deputy Al Nelson, are internationally known in law enforcement circles and have helped to put more than 40 murderers behind bars. In the past, Deputy Nelson and his hounds have helped in searches as far away as Indiana. The team has been featured on The Discovery Channel and The History Channel.

    The JCSO currently has German shepherds, a Belgian shepherd (Malinois) and two bloodhounds. The dogs go home with their handlers at the end of the workday.