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  • Sheriff’s Office Media Policy


    The following is within the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office Policy, Section 625: Release of Information

    Prohibited Release of Information

    The following information will not be released:

    • Comments or conjecture about the suspect's character or reputation, or opinions regarding his guilt or innocence
    • The name and address of the suspect's employer, unless the incident or offense deals specifically with such employment
    • Information about the existence or contents of any confession, admission or statement made by a suspect
    • The suspect's refusal or failure to make a statement, or to submit to tests or examinations
    • Results of any tests or examinations, including BAC of DUI arrestees
    • Re-enactment of the crime
    • Information that the suspect directed investigators to the location of any evidence
    • The credibility of any witness
    • The identity of the victim of any sexual offense
    • The exact location of a sexual offense, where such information could lead to the identification of the victim
    • The identity of any juvenile
    • Any misleading or false information
    • The dollar amount taken in a robbery or burglary

    Reports to be withheld from the public:

    • Reports involving juvenile suspects
    • Reports involving juvenile victims of sexual assaults
    • Runaway reports
    • Suicide reports until the case is closed
    • Attempted suicide reports
    • Child abuse reports
    • Mental health reports
    • Protective detox holds - not as a result of a DUI arrest
    • At risk adult reports
    • Felony controlled substance reports
    • Open case reports with suspect information

    Releasable Information Prior to Arrest

    Information that may be released pertaining to victims and suspects prior to any arrests is limited to:

    • A description of the offense, including a brief summary of events
    • Location, date and time of offense
    • Description of property loss, injuries sustained or damage resulting from the action
    • Identity of the victim, except for a victim of a sexual offense, a death, or a situation where the next of kin have not been notified
    • Information regarding unidentified suspects, such as physical description or vehicle description, when the release will not hinder or jeopardize the investigation
    • Identification of fugitive suspect(s) for whom arrest warrants have been issued
    • Criminal background of a fugitive when the public should be alerted to any danger

    Prohibited Release of Information Prior to Arrest

    The following information will not be released prior to any arrests:

    • The identity of any suspect who has not been interviewed
    • The identity of any victim where such information could subject them to danger or significant embarrassment
    • Exact information about a weapon or other physical evidence
    • Any information that could be known only by those responsible for the offense: "investigative keys"

    Release of Information Subsequent to Arrest

    The following information may be released after the arrest of a suspect:

    • Time, date and location of arrest
    • Defendant's name, age, residence, usual occupation and marital status
    • Criminal charge(s)
    • Facts and circumstances relating to the arrest, such as resistance, pursuit or possession or use of a weapon
    • The name of the arresting agency
    • Pretrial release or detention arrangements, location of detention and amount of bond
    • Scheduled dates for various steps of the judicial process
    • Mug shot of a suspect upon approval by the investigating deputy, the District Attorney's Office, or the arresting agency