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    The Jefferson County Sheriff's Office (JSCO) Support Services Division is the glue that holds the agency together. Functions such as fleet maintenance, accounting, radio maintenance and record keeping ensure that citizens receive quality services from their law enforcement agency. A variety of units fall under the support services umbrella.


    The accreditation unit ensures that the JCSO meets or exceeds the requirements of the Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies (CALEA) and the American Correctional Association (ACA). To earn and maintain accreditation, JCSO voluntarily complies with or exceeds nationally recognized standards of operation. Because the accreditation process is an accomplishment that cannot be achieved without a total office-wide commitment, every member of the sheriff's office contributes in some way to achieving and maintaining accreditation standards. Learn more about accreditation.

    Asset Management

    Several units fall within asset management, including the business office, supply operations, building maintenance and fleet maintenance. The business office is responsible for the adopted budget and its development, supervision of expenditures, purchasing and full financial management of the sheriff's office fiscal resources and property. Supply operations is responsible for recording all JCSO fixed assets purchased by the county and for the distribution of all property and equipment purchased by the sheriff's office. Building maintenance is responsible for maintaining the 440,000-square-foot sheriff's office facility to the standards required for day-to-day operations.

    Bomb Squad

    The explosive ordnance disposal team (EODT), also known as the bomb squad, is a highly specialized unit trained in rendering safe suspected explosive devices and hazardous materials. This unit is the only one of its kind in Jefferson County and frequently provides help to neighboring law enforcement agencies.

    Civil Unit

    The civil unit is responsible for service and execution of civil processes in Jefferson County, as directed by the courts. The five-person unit serves papers, such as eviction notices, temporary restraining orders and summonses for appearance in small claims court. The unit serves approximately 10,000 papers per year. Learn more about the Civil Unit's services

    Critical Incident Response Section

    The Jefferson County Sheriff's Office Critical Incident Response Section coordinates the sheriff's office response to large-scale incidents, whether they are natural disasters, terrorist events or industrial accidents. The critical incident response section works to ensure proper training for line-level deputies in disaster response, including response to weapons of mass destruction. The critical incident team works in tandem with the regional, multi-jurisdictional incident management team (IMT), along with the combined incident dispatch team.

    Dispatch (Communications Center)

    The JCSO's communications center is a 24/7 operation that answers emergency 911 calls - and nonemergency calls - and dispatches for nine fire and five police agencies in Jefferson County.

    Emergency Management

    A Jefferson County Board of Commissioners decision in 2006 made the emergency management team part of the sheriff's office. Emergency management employs experts in disaster preparedness, including wildfire. The team works to continually evaluate potential hazards and seeks ways to keep citizens and emergency responders prepared for natural and man-made disasters. Learn more about emergency management.

    Fleet Maintenance

    JCSO has a fleet of nearly 260 vehicles, including those for patrol, investigation, animal control, jail transport, a criminalistics van and one RV-sized mobile command center. Among the many useful law-enforcement tools in patrol vehicles are mobile data terminals - laptop computers that allow deputies to do instant checks on license plates and driver's licenses. The JCSO has two watches' allotment of patrol vehicles, allowing the first watch to undergo routine maintenance at headquarters while the other set is in use in the community. The fleet maintenance unit is responsible for servicing and maintaining the fleet and equipping vehicles with radios, computers and emergency-warning equipment.


    The fugitive unit is responsible for returning fugitives for whom arrest warrants have been issued when - following legal processes - they are available for return to Colorado. The unit also makes arrangements for extradition of fugitives to other states that are apprehended in Jefferson County. Fugitive distributes a "Most Wanted" fugitive flyer to law enforcement and judicial agencies in Colorado each month. The unit also participates in the Fugitive Location and Apprehension Group (FLAG), a metro-wide task force serving high-risk arrest warrants.

    Information Technology

    The information technology unit installs, configures and maintains computer and network resources for sheriff's office users. Projects have involved everything from helpdesk service to crime report databases, mobile computers in patrol vehicles, inmate databases and crime-mapping software.

    Mounted Patrol

    The Jefferson County Sheriff's Office Mounted Patrol is a small group of reserve deputies who work with their own horses at a variety of events throughout the county. The mounted patrol is called into service for parades and other outdoor celebrations, such as the National Western Stock Show parade and the Conifer holiday parade. The group also helps with law enforcement at special events, such as dignitary visits or the annual Summerset Festival in Clement Park.

    Officers and their horses undergo rigorous training to become part of the unit - and still more training to keep their skills sharp. Horse candidates for mounted patrol are evaluated on horsemanship, riding skills, obstacle training and sensory training. A mounted patrol horse must respond under control to all different types of stimuli, allowing the rider and horse to safely work as a team. Teams are also trained in formation riding, tactical formations, arrest control and defensive tactics for crowd control purposes. The mounted patrol comprises volunteers who donate their time to the department.

    Radio Maintenance

    Radio technicians are responsible for all radio system programming and maintenance, allowing all deputies to remain in contact with headquarters and with one another at all times. Radio equipment includes dispatch radios at headquarters, in-vehicle radios and portable devices and radio tower repeaters located across the region. The sheriff's office operates an 800 MHz communications system, a milestone in the effort to create a single, statewide radio network that allows large groups of public safety users to communicate effectively. The 800 MHz system is a digital trunked radio system that can accommodate a large number of users on a limited number of channels.


    The records section serves as the central processing department for criminal justice records. Records is responsible for the processing, maintaining, archiving, retrieving and releasing of information and copies of reports in accordance with federal and state regulations and guidelines. Records processes public fingerprinting and accepts liquor license and concealed handgun permit applications, among other services. The model traffic code office, as part of the records section, is responsible for processing and accepting payment for model traffic code tickets.

    Training and Recruiting

    The Jefferson County Sheriff's Office holds two or more state-certified law enforcement basic training academies each year. In addition, to JCSO recruits, the academies train personnel from outside agencies, such as the Arvada and Westminster Police Departments, the Adams County Sheriff's Office and the Colorado Division of Gaming. Deputy recruits must pass rigorous physical and academic testing, along with training in the areas of firearms, emergency driver, basic first aid and CPR and arrest control, to graduate from the academy. Deputy recruits must then pass the Peace Officer Standards Training (POST) state exam to become a Colorado certified peace officer.

    Volunteer Programs

    The Jefferson County Sheriff's Office is fortunate to have a group of dedicated volunteers who provide valuable services to the community and sheriff's office. Volunteers may work in nearly every area of the department. The detention services division relies on volunteers to provide religious, educational and substance-abuse counseling to inmates in the jail. Volunteers also act as victim advocates in concert with the victim services unit. Reserve deputies, and explorers are also volunteers.


    The warrants unit receives warrants from courts and enters all felony warrants into the National Crime Information Center (NCIC), an FBI-run database that makes information on arrest warrants available to law enforcement agencies in every state. This unit also confirms any warrants information for patrol deputies who believe they are holding wanted suspects. After receiving confirmation from the warrants unit, deputies can transport suspects to jail. For more information about warrants contact: 303-271-5475 or email.