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  • The Sheriff’s Uniform


    Jefferson County Sheriff's Office employees and volunteers wear a variety of uniforms as they perform their day-to-day duties.

    Deputy Sheriffs

    Deputies normally wear a forest green, button-down uniform shirt, either short or long sleeved, with a shoulder patch reading "SHERIFF" across the top. They also wear tan trousers with a green stripe affixed to the outside seams. Normal uniform accessories include a gold, seven-point metal badge and a gold nameplate. For certain occasions, deputies wear a black tie with this uniform. See our pages, below, for more information on the shoulder patch and tradition of the deputy uniform.

    Technical and special services deputies may be assigned special clothing to fulfill designated duty functions. The "Class C" uniform consists of a black, button-down shirt and black trousers with specified uniform accessories. This uniform may be worn during SWAT or bomb squad special operations or on training days.

    Other Uniforms

    Animal Control Officers

    Animal control officers wear a grey uniform shirt with black pants or shorts, in accordance with the season. They wear a sheriff's office shoulder patch with "Animal Control Officer" embroidered on it and a metal badge and gold nameplate. Animal control officers have authority to enforce county ordinances and are commissioned through the Colorado Department of Agriculture as peace officers for the purposes of enforcing animal cruelty and dangerous-dog laws.

    Detention Specialists

    Detention specialists wear a tan uniform shirt with with insignia reading "Detention Specialist" affixed above each shoulder patch and a gold, seven-point metal badge. Specialists wear black pants and a gold nameplate, and they may wear a brown jacket with the same distinguishing characteristics as the uniform shirt. Detention specialists are not law enforcement officers and are not Peace Officer Standards Training (POST)-certified.

    Reserve Deputies

    Reserve deputies wear the same uniform as full-time deputy sheriffs with insignia reading "RESERVE" affixed above each shoulder patch. Reserves are POST-certified and have law enforcement authority while on duty.


    Cadets wear a grey uniform shirt and black utility pants. They do not possess nor wear a metal badge. Their shirts display a cloth breast patch with insignia reading "CADET" above each shoulder patch. Cadets may wear a jacket with the same distinguishing characteristics as the uniform shirt, and, on occasion, they may wear a simple black polo shirt with "CADET" embroidered on the left front of the shirt. Cadets are not law enforcement officers and are not POST-certified.


    Explorers wear a uniform consisting of a light blue uniform shirt and black pants. They neither possess nor wear a badge, and their shirts display a cloth breast patch. Explorers wear a shoulder patch that differs from a deputy's shoulder patch; the Explorer shoulder patch is blue and identifies the wearer as a law enforcement explorer. Explorers are not law enforcement officers and are not POST-certified.


    Recruits attending the law enforcement training academy as Jefferson County Sheriff's Office trainees wear the same uniform as full-time deputy sheriffs, but they do not wear a badge. Recruits may only wear the uniform while traveling to and from the academy and during academy classes. Recruits attending the JCSO academy who are in training for other police departments wear the uniform of their department without the badge. Recruits are not yet law enforcement officers and are not POST-certified until graduation.

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