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  • Jefferson County Animal Control


    Jefferson County Animal Control has jurisdiction on animal control issues in unincorporated Jefferson County. If you live in a city, please contact your city's animal control agency. Animal control officers investigate animal abuse and provide services, including leash-law enforcement Adobe Reader is required for viewing this document, regulating barking dogs, regulating vicious/dangerous dogs, rabies control, bite quarantines and courtesy dead-animal removal.  

    County Ordinances

    Take a look at the Jefferson County Animal Control Regulations to see the policy and ordinances.


    Copies of reports are available for a fee of $5 for up to five pages. Additional pages cost 50 cents a piece.

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  • Information on Animal Control

    • Animal Cruelty and Neglect
      Owner failure to provide adequate food, water, shelter, opportunity for exercise or veterinary care to any animal constitutes a violation of state statute.
    • Barking
      Bothersome barking is a common problem, but there are solutions and recommendations both for dog owners and irritated neighbors.
    • Cats
      Cats are considered free-roaming animals and the leash law does not apply to them.
    • Coyotes
      Colorado is known for its abundant wildlife, and animals inevitably find their way into our communities.
    • Dog License
      The Jefferson County Animal Control and licensing regulation requires annual licensing of all dogs four months of age and older.
    • Emergency Vets
      There are several vets in Jefferson County that offer 24-hour or extended hour service in case of an emergency with your pet.
    • Lost and Found Animals
      Jefferson County Animal Control contracts with Foothills Animal Shelter to house all animals found.
    • Poop Fairy
      Dog owners are expected to pick up their dogs' poop in our neighborhoods and local parks. Many do so diligently; others don't.
    • Sick and Injured Animals
      Please contact the animal control office in your jurisdiction about sick or injured strays.
    • Wildlife
      Jefferson County Animal Control officers are not authorized to handle nuisance wildlife; however, there are many resources available to manage the problem.