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    Have You Ever Hesitated Calling the Sheriff's Office? (December 2013)

    It is a shame that some are reluctant to report suspicious activity in their neighborhood. Perhaps they think that what they see is not serious enough to report, or believe they would be deterring a deputy from other law enforcement duties. While this may be true, it is disheartening to hear citizens say they should only call when they see an actual crime in progress so as not to waste finite police resources on something less than a real crime. What the average citizen may not know is that simple suspicious activity reports can save valuable investigative resources and time spent in solving the crimes.

    A few weeks ago a resident awoke to find her personal belongings strewn in the front yard. Apparently, her car had been trespassed and the glove box and console disheveled. She didn't notice anything missing so she reasoned that it wasn't necessary to report. It wasn't until she learned that five other neighbors had been victims that she called the sheriff's office. Ultimately, the suspect was charged with First Degree Trespass to Motor Vehicles due in part to her providing specific details about the incident.

    Oftentimes, a deputy is dispatched to check on suspicious activity and will discover that the person in question actually is wanted on an outstanding arrest warrant. In such a case, the person is arrested immediately.


    Prompt and Detailed Reporting

    Prompt and detailed reporting of suspicious activities can help prevent crimes. If you see suspicious activity, please report it so local law enforcement officers can respond quickly. When reporting suspicious activity, it is helpful to give the most accurate information possible, including:

    * Brief description of the activity
    * Date, time and location of the activity
    * Physical identifiers of anyone you observed
    * Descriptions of vehicles
    * Information about where people involved in suspicious activities may have gone
    * Your name and contact information (optional)

    All Jefferson County residents should know there are two different phone numbers with two distinct functions for the sheriff's office. Contact the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office at 303-277-0211 to report suspicious activity that is not in progress. If there is a life threatening emergency or the activity is ongoing, please call 911. Simply put, an emergency is any situation that requires immediate assistance from the police, fire department or ambulance.

    Important: If you're not sure whether the situation is a true emergency, we recommend calling 911 and letting the call-taker determine whether you need emergency help.

    Report a Crime Online


    In Jefferson County you cannot access 911 help via text message or email, although new technology and regulations are anticipated that will make this possible in the future. In the meantime in an emergency, dial 911 from a regular or wireless phone to access emergency help.

    In the circumstance that a crime is committed in unincorporated Jefferson County that is not an emergency or traffic accident, did not involve a weapon, and there are no known suspects you may report this incident online. Some examples of appropriate online reporting incident types include: harassing phone calls, lost property, car break-ins, theft and vandalism. We offer an address wizard tool External Link Icon to determine if the address in question is in unincorporated Jefferson County, a list of other area police departments, and finally, the File a Crime Online External Link Icon site.






    Amber Luttrell
    Community Relations Manager

    December 20, 2013

    Last Updated: 4-7-2016