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  • Preferred Sheriff’s Office Applicant Attributes


    The Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office is a professional organization of committed men and women who share a vision of contributing to the enhancement of the quality of life for our community. In support of that vision, we seek to hire applicants who have demonstrated a commitment to continuous learning and self-development, a commitment to the community, and demonstrated stability in work and/or education.

    Applicants who possess one or more of the following attributes will be given preference in the selection process for the Sheriff’s Office:

    • Commitment to higher education
    • Honorable experience in the military
    • Foreign language skills
    • Demonstrated volunteerism/community service


    To ensure that we maintain a diverse workforce that mirrors our communities, the Sheriff’s Office welcomes qualified applicants from different races, cultures, ethnicities, genders and life stages and persons with disabilities.

    Through the recruiting, selection and hiring of applicants who possess these attributes, the Sheriff’s Office will continue to be a leader in providing superior law enforcement services to our community.


    "Jefferson County Sheriff's Office is the only agency I wanted to call home. I saw it in the faces of the people who worked here. This wasn't just a loose-knit group of police officers, this was a law enforcement family bound by tradition, self-sacrifice and a commitment to each other. I heard it in the voices of citizens I talked to. With no other agency did I experience this synergy between the community and its law enforcement personnel. When I sensed this communal desire to build better communities, I knew that there was only one place I could make my law enforcement dreams come true: the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office. And I haven't regretted it a single day since," -Deputy Jerome