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  • Sheriff’s Office Civil Unit


    The Civil Unit provides a wide variety of services for Jefferson County. These include, but are not limited to: service of civil process (serving court papers), execution of court-ordered evictions, the court-ordered sale of real and personal property and providing deputy civil assists.

    Submitting Documents for Service of Process

    Papers can be submitted for service of process either via postal mail or in person at the Civil Unit office. All service of process requires payment in advance.

    • For payments made in the office, we can accept cash, check or money order, or credit/debit cards.
    • Papers submitted by mail should include a check or money order for the service fee made out to Jefferson County Sheriff, and sent to:
      Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office, Civil Unit
      100 Jefferson County Pkwy, Ste 1520
      Golden, CO 80419


    Please also complete as much information as possible on this civil process informationDownload Adobe Reader from Downloads Page sheet and include it with papers submitted by mail.

    Protection Orders (Restraining Orders)

    If you need to report a violation that has already occurred, please call the law enforcement agency where the violation occurred. For information on how to obtain a restraining order, call the court clerk in the county where you reside. For the Jefferson County Court Clerk, call 303-271-6228.  If you have a new protection order, the Civil Unit can assist you in serving it to the restrained party.  If the court waived serving fees, we may be able to accept your paperwork by fax.


    The sheriff's office cannot give legal advice. If you have a landlord/tenant dispute, we recommend you call The Action Center at 303-237-7704. There are three steps to the civil eviction processAdobe PDF Icon .  The basic steps in the eviction process are as follows:

    • Notice to Vacate or Demand for Compliance or Possession
    • Summons and Unlawful Detainer
    • Writ of Restitution, service and execution


    Fees for Service

    All service of process requires payment in advance. Please make your check payable to the Jefferson County Sheriff. The following types of papers are $35 per service for civil cases, $15 per service for criminal cases, plus mileage:

    • Summons
    • Summons and Complaint
    • Summons and Petition
    • Temporary Restraining Order
    • Interrogatories
    • Notice and Summons to Appear
    • Citations


    The following types of papers are $20 per service plus mileage:

    • Garnishments
    • Wage Assignments

    The following types of papers are $60 per service for civil cases, $7.50 per service for criminal cases, plus mileage:

    • Subpoena
    • Subpoena to produce/subpoena duces tecum


    If you are serving papers to more than one defendant at the same address, the first defendant will be charged the full service fee plus mileage, and each additional defendant is charged a $10 fee.

    The fee for a Writ of Restitution to be executed is $130 plus mileage. If you would like us to post the Write as well, the fee for posting is $35 plus mileage.  For fees and other information regarding sheriff's sales, contact a clerk at 303-271-6580.

    For out-of-state papers or any other papers requiring the Return of Service to be notarized, there is a $2 fee for each defendant.

    Mileage Fees

    Mileage fees are based on ZIP codes where the service or execution will take place.  Download this document which shows the mileage fees for each ZIP codeDownload Adobe Reader from Downloads Page. For more information, contact the civil unit.


     Sheriff's Sales

    The civil unit holds foreclosure and execution sales for both real estate and personal property on an ongoing basis.  For more information please visit the sales calendar.


    Last Updated: 6-9-2014