• Address or Name Change, Stolen, Lost, or Destroyed CHP


    Within 30 days after a permittee changes the address or name specified on his or her permit or within three business days after his or her permit is lost, stolen, or destroyed, the permittee shall notify the issuing Sheriff of the change of address or name, or permit loss, theft, or destruction. Failure to notify the Sheriff pursuant to C.R.S. 18-12-210(1) is a class 1 petty offense.

    The required address or name change, stolen, lost or destroyed form Adobe Reader is required for viewing this document must be notarized. The Records Unit personnel can notarize these forms as needed. A new card will be issued at that time.

    Address Change

    If the card has not yet expired, change your address with the county that issued your permit. When it is time to renew your permit, the permit must be renewed in the county in which you currently reside.

    Name Change

    In addition to the notarized address/name change form, proof of your name change must also be provided. This can be a copy of your marriage certificate, court documents, or a current/updated driver's license. The permit holder must then be re-fingerprinted and the prints mailed to CBI/FBI for a new background check.