• Crime Prevention and Safety


    Simple steps are often the best crime deterrents, and the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office is dedicated to educating residents about how to prevent themselves from becoming crime victims.

    We strongly encourage residents to be proactive about crime prevention. It may be as basic as closing your garage door or locking your vehicle. Or, you can start a Neighborhood Watch group in your area – it is a proven crime-prevention program.

    The Sheriff's Office has a dedicated team of certified crime prevention deputies whose sole purpose is to work with citizens to prevent crime. Through on-site visits, phone calls, special events, child safety actvities and other opportunities, these deputies share vital information with the public on how to keep crime at bay. 

    Crime Prevention deputies are available to speak to your group on the following topics:

    • General crime prevention and personal safety tips
    • Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED)
    • Child safety
    • Identity theft
    • Safety and crime prevention fro retail businesses
    • Safety in your place of worship
    • Safety tips for senior citizens