• What Do I Do About Graffiti? Who Do I Call?


    Graffiti is any symbol, word, or writing that is painted, inscribed, written, or otherwise applied to property without the owner's consent. Graffiti is a crime, not just a nuisance.

    What Should I Do About Graffiti?

    • Report graffiti to the appropriate law enforcement agency as soon as possible.
    • Graffiti removal is the responsibility of the property owner. The best method of preventing graffiti from spreading and from reoccurring is to remove it as quickly as possible, preferably within 24-48 hours.


    Quick Reference Numbers for Graffiti Removal in Jefferson County

    Along state and interstate highways (C-470, I-70, U.S. Hwy. 285), call the Colorado Department of Transportation at 303-757-9514.

    Along county highways and roadways, call Jeffco Transportation and Engineering at 303-271-8945.

    In Denver Mountain Parks, call 303-697-4545.

    For Foothills Park & Recreation facilities, call 303-409-2300.

    For RTD bus shelters or park-n-ride facilities, call 303-299-6000.

    For telephone, utility and cable television equipment, call the company that owns the box (the telephone number is usually located on a sticker on the outside of the equipment). For FSH pay phones, call 1-800-477-7211, option 2.

    For trash dumpsters, call the company that owns the dumpster (the telephone number is usually located near the company logo).

    On billboards and bus benches, contact the advertising company that owns the property (the telephone number is usually located on the base of the billboard or bus bench.

    If you do not know who the owner is or need further assistance, contact the Sheriff's Office at 303-277-0211.