• Scams


    The Sheriff's Office tracks scams that are happening in and around our county and puts that information here to keep our residents informed. To report a scam, please call our Fraud Hotline at 303-271-5550.
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  • Information on Scams in Jefferson County

    • Romance Scam
      The fraudster will earn the trust of the victim and pretends to work out of the state or country.
    • Tech Support Scam or a Virus Scam
      The caller will request remote access of the victim's computer.
    • Job Scam of Reshipping Scam
      A 'work from home' add leads victims to committing crimes.
    • Overpayment Scam or a Fake Check Scam
      Overpayment Scam or a Fake Check Scam
    • New Twist on IRS Scam

      Sheriff's Office 2016-05-24 Investigators were tipped off to a new twist to the IRS Scam. It appears that the fraudsters are spoofing the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office non-emergency phone number. Please note that the Sheriff's Office will never call citizens regarding taxes. We ask that if this happens tha

    • Grandparent Scam
      The victim receives a telephone call from a person pretending to be their grandchild, niece, nephew, or family friend.
    • Mystery Shopper Scam
      In this scam, the victim is invited to become a mystery shopper.
    • Publishers Clearing House Scam
      You supposedly won money but first must wire hundreds or thousands of dollars.
    • Fallen Officer Scam
      The JeffCo Sheriff’s Office has recently received seven reports of a person using fallen JCSO Sgt. Dave Baldwin’s name in an effort to scam money from individuals.
    • IRS Scam of Tax Scam
      It is critical that taxpayers be wary of unsolicited telephone calls and emails from individuals claiming to be IRS and Treasury employees.
    • Roof Damage Inspectors Scam
      Criminals are trying to take advantage of the recent storms.
    • US Department of Treasury Scam
      US Department of Treasury Scam
    • Jury Duty Scam
      Never give out personal information when you receive an unsolicitated phone call.
    • Hit Man Scam
      In addition to soliciting your cash, the perpetrators hope to persuade you to share personal data so they can steal your identity.
    • EZ-Pass Email Phishing Scam
      EZ-Pass Email Phishing Scam