• Information on Registered Sex Offenders


    The Jefferson County Sheriff's Office Registered Sex Offender Database only includes sex offenders registered in the unincorporated areas of Jefferson County, Colorado. It does not include offenders in cities like Arvada, Golden, Littleton, Lakewood, etc.

    How to obtain a list of sex offenders registered in unincorporated Jefferson County

    A complete list of all unincorporated Jefferson County-registered sex offenders is available at the sheriff's office locations. This complete list is the most current data on registered sex offenders in unincorporated Jefferson County; it is updated daily.

    SOTAR (Sex Offender Tracking and Registration) Web Search

    The Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office has joined a group of participating law enforcement agencies that use a Unified Sex Offender Registry System known as SOTAR. You can now search for sex offenders registered with the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office and any of the participating agencies, from a single website.

    SOTAR is a convenient tool to view offenders that our agency is allowed to list online under state law. State law prohibits us from posting juvenile offenders and some adults online, including those convicted of only one misdemeanor. Offenders who have failed to register may be listed here; they are also listed on the Colorado Bureau of Investigation website.

    Most sex offenders are not classified as sexually violent predators (SVPs). Offenders listed at 200 Jefferson County Pkwy. in Golden are currently in the Jefferson County Jail.

    Search the SOTAR website View exit disclaimer policy page for links to third-party websites.

    Colorado Bureau of Investigation

    The Colorado Bureau of Investigation maintains a list of sex offenders.

    Search the Colorado Bureau of Investigation website External Link Icon

    For personal safety tips, see the Colorado Bureau of Investigation website. View exit disclaimer policy page for links to third-party websites. The Colorado sex offender registry includes only those persons who have been required by law to register and who are in compliance with the sex offender registration law 16-22-103. Persons should not rely solely on the sex offender registry as a safeguard against perpetrators of sexual assault in their communities. The crime for which a person is convicted may not accurately reflect the level of risk. Information in this database is not to be used to inflict retribution or additional punishment on any person convicted of unlawful sexual behavior.