• CodeRED Emergency Notifications


    In Jefferson County, the CodeRED emergency notification system allows us to call citizens to warn them of danger. With CodeRED, we can simultaneously call, text, or email, multiple individuals and businesses within an area that we designate, to warn of flood, fire, tornadoes, chemical spills, or dangerous suspects. Within moments, calls reach the affected community to deliver warnings and critical safety instructions.

    If you receive a CodeRED call, the recorded voice will let you know it's a message from the Sheriff's Office. Also, your caller ID should display EMERGENCY COMM and the phone number 866-419-5000 (text messages come from 76127, which you may want to program into your cell phone contacts list). The CodeRED system also works with a telecommunications device for the hearing impaired (TDD).

    Opt-In to CodeRED

    CodeRED reaches numbers from two databases. One is the 911 database, which contains all listed and unlisted land lines in Jefferson County. If you have a land line, it is automatically included in this database.The second is a database of cell phone numbers, Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP*) numbers, and email addresses owned by people who have opted in to receive the calls. If you don’t have a traditional land line phone, or would like to receive a text, email or cell phone call in addition to the call on your land line phone, consider registering for this free service. To register, visit the CodeRED phone registry External Link Icon.  Through this website, you can add additional numbers and locations to the notification database. Location is important as most notifications are sent to a specific geographic area. For example, if you also work in Jefferson County, you may want to add your work address to your profile so you receive notifications related to incidents in that area. Your profile can contain several locations, phone numbers, email addresses, and TDDs, but you must register to make these changes. By default, the only numbers in the database are those from the 911 database.

    CodeRED also has an emergency notification app for smart phones and other mobile devices. Unlike the database, the CodeRED app will give you notifications when you are in geographic proximity to a warning area. For instance, you might visit a friend or family member who is within the warning area. The app will detect your proximity and provide you the same warning given to those who live and work in that area.

    Opt-Out of CodeRED

    Individuals and businesses can de-register their phone numbers and email addresses to prevent emergency notifications. To opt out of CodeRED messages please visit: You can also visit the registration page and modify your profile without completely opting out of notifications.

    CodeRED Messaging

    If your phone line is busy, CodeRED will keep calling back. If you have an answering machine or voicemail CodeRED will attempt to leave a message. If you don't get a message, or would like to hear it again, you may call 866-419-5000 to receive the last message sent to your area.


    *Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) lines are telephone-like communications transmitted over the Internet.. If you have a bundled internet/phone/TV service you probably have a VoIP line.

    DISCLAIMER: The CodeRED™ notification service (the “Service”) is provided as a supplemental emergency communication method and should not be relied upon exclusively. The Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office does not make any warranties of any kind, either express or implied, with regards to the Service, including without limitation, warranties about the accuracy, completeness, or delivery of any information posted or transmitted by the Authority through the CodeRED™ System. There is no guarantee that a notification will reach any particular resident upon activation. By providing the Service, Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office does not assume a duty of care, nor do they waive any of the protections of the Colorado Governmental Immunity Act (§ 24-10-101, et seq., C.R.S.). Neither the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office, nor any of their affiliates, agents, contractors, or respective employees, shall be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, special, reliance, punitive, or consequential damages or for lost profits or revenues or lost data or costs of cover relating to the Service, regardless of the legal theory under which liability is asserted.